24 April 2011

loving life

passing time........wow have i passed  some, my goodness its been 4 months since i last posted. how unkind of me to not even let you know that my beautiful no'2  was a happy healthy bouncing baby girl.

Isabella Star was born on 11.1.11 at 9.18 am after many hours of labour and yet another emergency ceasarian. She is now 3 1/2 months old and an adititue to boot. what an absolute joy she is and her big sister Nina still cant stop kissing her.

(minutes old)

she feeds well (as i sit here typing with a babe attatched to my boob) she cat naps through out the day which leaves me with not alot of me time but at least she is sleeping through the night and i feel like i have control of my life as i get a good 7 hrs sleep. if i dont get  enough sleep our entire household falls apart.

we are moving house this weekend and i cant wait! since Issy came along our house has folded in half & there just isnt a lot of room, our new home is wonderful and i am busting at the seams to create my new home. i love a blank canvas........furniture placement, picture hanging, tea cup displaying

til then i leave post open ended to be back as soon as i am able, with pics and posts about babies, kids, decorating & just being a mum.............

note to self: buy a new camera before i miss out some important mile stones

03 January 2011

passing time.......

today i sat and just watched the clouds pass me by.
day 5 of braxton hicks & false labour starts...............
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