18 February 2010

my creative space

and this is just one of 4 corners. and i sometimes wonder why my creativeness just isnt there! but hey, like my profile says, if i cant see the floor -i'm happy that way i know i have been productive. On an upside i am very blessed to have my own sewing room & its all mine so who cares how messy it is. It is full of all my treasures, like my painting of Frida Kahlo (yet to be mounted), my nanas cookie jar, buttons etc, 2 of my machines, baskets of cotton spools, oppy finds, made things, and not so finished made things, boxes & baskets, vintage saris...etc so........maybe next week i'll show you all another corner, or if i can be bothered i might even tidy it up. x
make sure you have a look at some real creatives here

17 February 2010

the hand made show

ok peoples it is time to get rolling on the THE HANDMADE SHOW

have a look over at the blog for more info and if you have something crafty/arty you would like to share with the s/e side of Melbourne you can submit your application here, maybe the March one is too soon for you? i suggest applying now as spaces are sure to fill up quickly.

14 February 2010

strawberries & valentines

we spent the day picking strawberries! soooooooooo much fun! they are the tastiest little buggers i have ever had! nina was a little bit worried about the plastic bags we had to put on our feet, but they kept our soles clean as the ground was very muddy. the store was great, they sell straberries in all thier glory. the best would have to be the mega strawbs, they are the size of kiwi friuts! amazing. we had strawberry icecream THE BEST! great day out, it was $8 per person (nina was free) you get given an empty mega punnet and then go down to the fields to fill it. So now..............we will gorge ourselves on strawberries for the next few days. i dont know how to make jam but i thought mabe a puree for milkshakes & ontop of icecream might be nice.
what else can be done with them?

13 February 2010

worth knowing about

this is a haven worth sharing!
i visit this warehouse when i dont have a good thrifting week, i know i can go to Carmels & get some super cheap sewing bargains. this is a wharehouse full of amazing stuff at super cheap prices. Last week i bought a zillion zips for 10cents each, 2 x 200 mts of lace for $5 a roll, very nice, overlocking thread cones for $1 & i drooled over the belt buckles 20cents, purse frames, leather straps, trillions of $1.99 mt fabric, free stuff! YEP FREE STUFF,
they also stock a large range of Lace, Habby, Beads, Craft & Quilting supplies - all priced to clear. You will not be disappointed. Carmels Fabric Clearance Warehouse is located just 1o minutes drive from Mentone. You can find them at:
6 Mason Drive Braeside Vic 3195.
Phone 03 9587 7275
Melway Ref: 88 A11
Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday Closed
(Closed Public Holidays)

12 February 2010


hooray hooray hooray :)
i just got a convo from Gina @ Sunandmoon from etsy telling me that she had no idea i had even placed an order, it was lost in cyber space somewhere. so my lovely lil tins for jewellery are now on their way and should arrive just in time for The HandMade Show market on 20th March
happy happy

11 February 2010

nina's creative space

i can feel cabin fever setting in!!!
so our day went like this:
  • we walked & rode our oh so pink, spoky doky, tassly, girly bike to the milk bar for an icypole
  • i did a load of washing only to have it dumped on by a huge thunder/rain storm
  • did the dishes
  • cheese n bickys for lunch
  • had a great cup of coffee x2
  • made 8 necklaces
  • made nina a shirred flower dress with collecting pockets (you know for feathers, pebbles, sand etc)
so while i was doing all this i kind of lost track of what nina was upto, she would wander in and out of my sewing room to collect cotton & buttons and stickers etc.......... she was decorating the tv! how fabulous! so the tv is wrapped in cotton & shirring thread, stickers & my favorite has to be the lavender pies she made out cupcake patties. but the best bit of all is that she pulled those glary tassel things off her bike, yes they have made a mess but at the least the bike isnt so princessy anymore.
and so now the car.............there is no car til next week GOD HELP ME!!!!!

my creative space...today i will..

today i will start / finish my necklaces. i am actually supposed to be working today, but the moon goddess has decided i need a day of rest. i am hoping it will be a productive day as the weeks start was a bit blah, with my printer ceasing up halfway through printing mysticturtle's brochures, (must get some work done on mt's blog & re-do the web & facebook pages also...) so now i must buy a new one ANYONE HAVE A FAVE MODEL TO RECOMMEND? and then my car decided not to start and is now at the mechanics, then half of my tooth fell out. so that's my 3.
this week just seems so caotic..........i have maybe taken on board the job of looking after the handmade shows blog, i have a studio full of unfinished projects, (so much for getting my etsy shop up by the end of jan), and a friend has asked me to help market her belly dance classes, which i think will be great, as i can just trade my time for her class tuition. i do miss the dance.
onward & forward.............................might go for a walk to ease the cramping & get some fresh air before i start again on my jewellery, or i might just relax all day catching up on some fave blogs or reading mags.
oh and so much for one of my esty purchases (lil round tins for jewellery) it has been a month and the supplier has no record of my order grrrrrr.....

01 February 2010

busy bee

i've been busy.........................thanks vic (punky&me) for your picnik tips (god it is addictive, i am still playing around with it.) In the meantime i have listed some newbies on my madeit shop & having a bit a cleanout sale. i am also in the process of new mini moo cards but i am having a grrrrr of a time getting my logo to fit in with their dimensions grrrrrrrr.....
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