26 August 2009

i cheated!!

i feel like i have cheated the craft world by listing my stuff on ebay :(
sorry fellow crafters, but i need cash quick to pay for the mimco purse i just bout. (if you know me well , you'll know i have handbag/purse addiction)
anyway check it out if you wish, i have listed 2 of the skirts & 1 of the cobber dolls - all are made from 100% thrifted, vintage & recycled fabrics GOTTA LOVE THat!!

25 August 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait.....

i thought i'd join in the tuesday fun of sharing what i cant wait for. oh.....but where do i start. yesterday was rainy & windy- nina and i got lots of good fun stuff done 1 of which we cant wait for.

we made jelly & its ready to eat today!!!

our other project for the day was to make eco pots to get ready for vegi seedings.
how to: tear up some newspaper & soak in water (no toxic paste please) then fill any small containers with the paper, making sure there is a good coverage, put in a sunny spot to dry
then fill with your favorite seedlings. next week we are going vegi seed huntingso i wil show you our progress. very exciting - i cant wait!!!

24 August 2009

i found it

i have been looking for a new snap coin purse for quite a while now, i have scoured esty & made it for the perfect lil no'. how did i miss this one? so glad i found one that is the perfect size & the fabric just makes me want to open doors or something.......i love it. happy to be supporting another aussie made it seller, thanks Andrea Charles from And Bags for making my new beautiful wardrobe addition. i wait at my post box with excitement.

23 August 2009

50c SALE

SUPER SALE!!! now at my madeit! shop
i have posted these fab lil ladies in my shop for 50cents each
why so cheap?
to share the love & spread some happiness, everyone loves a good bargain

tea party / brunch

narnie (mum) came over for brunch this morning, we decided do a pot of tea and use my nana's china & accessories to turn our brunch into a tea party. on the menu: croissonts w/ bacon, eggs, salmon & hollandaise. followed by mocha coffee w/ cream & vanilla slices from acland street bakery. was very yummy

22 August 2009

russian doll key ring

i got over excited a while ago when first came across these sweet lil russian doll porcelin beads. nina & turned them into little key rings & they now adorn all her zippers - from dvd case, kinder bag, lunch box, anything that needs a little extra help for those small fingers. i have put some onto my made it shop for a tidy lil sum of $3.50

18 August 2009

sneak peak

i thought i'd show you a sneak peak at what i've been working on. this range of kids & mums stuff (under the label of holi goddess) is all made from vintage, recycled & thrifted fabrics. i came across 4 metres of brand new linen in my favorite op shop & became quite fond of its earthy colour, it reminded me of our paper bark tree on the nature strip. so i sorted through my fabric collections to come up with a colour palette that resembled the tree. i have almost completed the range & will soon be available on made it & etsy.

BUT FOR NOW..................i must finish the dress makers fabric & get really crafty with lil snippets as this is fabric i used for a purse that is a feature item on MADE IT. so whilst i am a feature seller i must take advantage of all this good free advertising :)

17 August 2009

a happy customer

my nephew matty was overwhelmed with the basket of cobbers. after much thought & seeing which one had the best cuddles he chose a black & brown one. i have been told his new mate cobber goes to bed with him & for rides in the car.x

14 August 2009

help wanted

i am about to register my etsy store & i am really torn between my two labels. HELP!!!!

HOLI GODDESS has alot of stuff already on the internet, and i will still be using this label for my adults range (bags, purses etc)

MAMA MADE THAT! is a completly new venture specializing in handmade eco friendly kids stuff.

so as i will be selling both on ETSY & MADE IT i am confussed as to which name i should go by, i a not leaning to one more than the other so i feel i need some help. any thoughts????

13 August 2009

wednesday wonderfuls

i am a featured seller on madeit for the next two months!!!
how divine! this gorgous maxi purse is featured in the "WEDNESDAY WONDERFULS" collection (it has since sold)
if you would like to see my other goodies for sale at my madeit shop click on the mama made that! link in the side bar.

12 August 2009

my little birdie

i would like to welcome leanne from my little birdie to the world of BLOG. i'm very excited to have another follower and look forward very much to receiving her blog updates.

11 August 2009

midnight buttons

i was up til midnight last night sewing my nanas vintage buttons onto felt circles & clips. paul (the unsigned husband) said i should just glue them together & be done with it in half the time.

i kind of enjoyed the process of cutting & knotting my thread then hand stitching the pieces together. it reminded me of when nana would sit up late darning cobbers socks so that they would be ready for him in the morning. i do like going back to needle & thread, i have also ditched my overlocker to do the old fashioned zig zag hem. (reminds me of the clothes my mum would make for me as a lil girl)
these clips will be assigned their rightful colour code to match the collections of STUFF that i have been making for mama made that!

10 August 2009

coming soon!!!

i still have a few more touches to do on my logo, clothing pips, swing tags, packaging etc................i am very excited about this new range.
my eco friendly kids stuff consists mostly of vintage & recycled fabrics & includes COBBER SOFTIE DOLLS, GIRLS SKIRTS & TSHIRTS, BIBS, HAIR BOBBLES & PENCIL CASES.
To celebrate the start of my new venture, i will be opening an etsy store & doing a few givaways to celebrate.
So become a fan if you love my stuff & stay tuned!

08 August 2009

stuffing cobber dolls

i feel very blessed sometimes that i have a daughter who loves to craft and help out. she actually did a really good job at stuffing cobber dolls with pollyfil. so maybe my new label should be "mama & nina made that"

07 August 2009

mama made that!

the scribbles of a new logo for my new name
(registered-with certificate in mail box within 19hrs!!!)
(if only i could be that excited about my ebay & madeit purchases-2wks still waiting) sorry...
i wanted to somehow relate this one back to Holi Goddess, but without being too swirly. i have spent days trying to perfect birds, owls, trees, nothing, words, blurbs & in the end i remembered my favorite saying "less is more" its like a good pizza, huh? so i concentrated on this one bird which does have a lil swirl on her tail and put her in all sorts of Holi Goddess logo spin offs. i must admit, i am kind of over the whole bird & owl thing and tried to avoid it, but after scribbling around with this lil lass i kind of felt quite connected to her. she is still evolving & i am starting to get a lil stressed about the whole thing of designing a new logo as it is so permanent
(like the design i had tattooed onto my upper arm 18yrs ago)
to be continued..........

03 August 2009


"My Mate Cobber"

these little guys are now available at my MADE IT online store for $20 with free post.
or from Trinity Rose Florist in Edithvale.
Each Cobber is made from vintage fabric & has its own number.

02 August 2009

cobbers have arrived

Cobbers make fabulous friends for your little ones.

designed for lots of cuddles, the skittle shape is easily tucked under the arm for safe carrying around & with a Steiner approach of being genderless they will entertain for years

measuring 35cm x 15cm, varying in size slightly by a cm or 2, makes each cobber a true individual.

made from vintage fabrics with new calico backing & polyfil

All Cobbers are hand made with lots of love & dedicated to my nana for her fabulous collection of fabrics & “COBBER” my grandpa.
ps. just have to get few happy snaps of nina with her cobber & they will be available on MADE IT, hopefully 2mrw. x

01 August 2009


when my nana went into a cared facility, i decided not to let all her fabulous linens go to waste. i boxed up everything, the linen, teatowels, pillowslips, table cloths, doilies, fabric, curtains THE WORKS. she was (still is) the kind of lady that would darn a sock before throwing it away. my favorite pieces in this mountain of cloth would definately have to be her amazing collection of half aprons. the fabrics are amazing and knowing nana, clean & crisp as a red delicious.

i have gazed at all these fabrics for a while now, used some of them and some i just cant bring myself to cut. UNTIL NOW................COBBERS are here and they will be in the masses, due to the apron quantity

WHY cobbers?........that was my grandpas name. NANA & COBBER, so i think that it is very fitting that i make these sweet lil lovies out of my nanas aprons and name them all COBBER!!!!

share the love

remember to share mum, i want to do drawings too!
so i did, i drew some pics for nina & she painted them in. my favorite is the "browned owl"

ahhh...the dilema

Holi Goddess, if you are not familiar is my first born baby, born in 2003, what was a retail concept store in Mentone Melb, where we sold natural fibred clothing, and all things bellydance, yoga, meditation, tarot, chakra, healing jewellry, crystals, organic products and so on................i closed my store just before xmas so that i could concentrate more on being a mum. the long hours of ordering, making clothing, bookwork, teaching bellydance classes, supervising the Akasha Healing Centre (where classes and workshops were held) emailing, web control, marketing just became too much for me and i was candle lit at both ends running out of wax FAST! i have alot of background experience in clothing design & production, marketing & so forth but now i am finding myself quite lost in this new craft world. trying to define a new style is quite testing.

NOW............. i fill my days with kinder runs & entertaing Nina (my first real born) and sewing.
holi goddess will always be with me YES! but as i continue to find my crafting feet i am coming up with new ideas, products, logos all kinds of stuff and am getting quite lost in it all. but thats not to say that i am completely frustrated, i love to sew, craft, paint, make jewellery (which i also make for Mystic Turtle).......

The Holi Goddess logo (incase you were wondering) is based on a henna tattoo design, hence the colour. HOLI which is my middle name, is also based on the Hindu Festival of Holi- festival of love, light & colour.

MAMA MADE THAT! is one of Ninas most common phrases if she is ever asked where did you get that from. So a new name was born to accomodate all the kidi stuff i now do. The picture came from hours of fiddling around on the computer with a photo of the bag that i made for my mum. not quite sure if i like it yet, needs more work or i'll come up with something else.

this was just another logo that i was playing around with from the same photo. although i think it works best for holi goddess. it has that indian thing going on.

i would love some feedback as to what you think i do best............i currently sell my wares at Trinity Rose Florist which is proving to be quite successful, so i am getting $ back for all my hard work. I aslo have stuff on MADE IT and EBAY, which just kind of tootle along. you can find links to these 2 online stores in this blog.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................thats better, so now you know my dilema, which really isnt one at all because i love what i do.
many blessings & thanks for taking the time to read whats on my mind.
have a wonderful happy smiley day
x jade
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