26 July 2010

give - away!

oooh how divine! i see myself sitting propped up with cushions to support my growing belly whilst  i dream of a new makeover for my home if i were to win this lovely give away! maybe today i will do it anyway and  grab a mag, make a cuppa and just relax.
My Little Birdie 's book give away is on her blog - how could you not enter this one?

18 July 2010

market day

i always love going to the market, it is such a fun day and i always manage to end up spending as much as i have made. my favorite stall holders of the day were Lori from Found n Bound who was next to me and we chatted most of the day and Sammy from Sammy Nuttall Art & Design who paints  the happiest of bangles and paintings. 
(scuse the blury photos)
The day was fairly quiet compared to the past market days, but all in all i think everyone had a good time and got to have a good chat with customers & talk crafty stuff between ourselves. Oh and of course the devonshires teas are always my fave! Samone from Red Letter Studio popped in to say hi which was lovely to meet her in person & we chatted about a new marketing design for the The Handmade Show. 

an exhausting market day but definately a good one! 

and  its been a happy sunday:- breakfast in bed, an email from Gretchen Mist with a lovely note about my doily purse on her blog (totally chuffed), mum popped down with a quiche & neenish tarts for lunch & now its time to rest up on the couch and read some mags. xo

16 July 2010

studio clean out

i have had a busy busy week getting organised for tomorrows market. i have had a big studio and clean out and came across (well tripped over) a massive box of old fabrics i have had sitting in a box for a year or 2. So i have packaged it all up into little parcels ready for the taking, free taking that is. mostly it is from the days of when i was costume designing, so there is a lot of satin, panne velvets, indian silks & saris and a few odds and ends.

tomorrows market is The Handmade Show @ 95-97 Drummond street Oakleigh at the Oakleigh / Carnegie Rsl  11am - 3.30pm . pop on over to the blog to see who's there tomorrow and to find out a little bit more about this great new artisan / crafter's market

see you tomorrow!

Ooo....just found out that Sammy Nutall Art & Found & Bound will be there

13 July 2010

madeit finds in Green

1. baby elf pixie hat by baboom  2.honey pot soy candle by WickedEarth
3.botany quilt by Eden Rose  4.green fox by Pepper Stitches
5.lavender birdy by Oopsidaisi  6.forest nymph hat by Art & Wool

madeit's monthly email was delivered this morning with a bit of a challenge......to blog about finds we love. So i thought that seeing as i woke feeling a little green (up all night with surging baby making hormones) these lovely baby related finds suit quite well to how i am feeling today. i have had my eye on Eden Roses baby quilts for the last couple of weeks and marked this one down as a favorite  to purchase in the upcoming months (i love green)

12 July 2010

Blossom n Bird love

how sweet a find this morning on Madeit.........Blossom n bird madeit shop & blog

these prints & softie dolls  remind me of my childhood & it is such a beautiful day today that  these little ladies just make me want to go outside and play hopscotch or skip a rope.
Maybe I just might xo

11 July 2010

there's a new lady in town

my cobber dolls seem to have taken a bit of a back seat lately i noticed whilst having a bit of a studio tidy up. i felt a lil bad for neglecting these lil men - so i decided to give cobber a bit of a make-over & also introduce him to a lady friend named Bridgette.
 she should be ready for the The Handmade Show on Saturday.

there is a story behind these people (as you know cobber was my grandpa) - i will share the rest of the story  soon.

(mum - bridgette & cobber xo)

08 July 2010

blog love

i came across this fabulous blog today (between sleeping & bathroom dashes)
the shed - I MUST one day have it!
TALES OF A JUNKAHOLIC - check it out

Handmade Show

WOW! there are only 10 more days until the next market day! Pop on over to the blog to have a looksy to see what it is all about. or join our FACEBOOK page to get the weekly grit on whats happening.
i will see you all on Saturday 17th July
(blog is not a whole lota fun when i cant load pics, is anyone else having this problem since blogger changed thier ways?)

06 July 2010

pregnant brain

my brain is mush and i have no idea what i have done to my blog.......and today i really cant be bothered sorting it out. What i should be doing is sorting out my shrinking wardrobe. Everything is getting far too tight.....i could ebay my wardrobe away or i am thinking of doing one of those ladies markets, i have mountains of handbags, shoes, jewellery, clothing i could get rid of. Has anyone ever done one of these markets, i would love to know if they are worth doing?
So for now, i live happily in my yoga pants (not that i feel like doing yoga at the moment) and my daggy compfy jumpers, i am such a pretty sight right now, my skin is ever so dry, pimple break outs, no make up, although my hair & nails are growing at an amazing rate.
So please do excuse the mess whilst i try to recover my brain, accept my body changes and the state of my blog (still cant load photos?)
My made it shop is up to scratch and running smoothly with some new items added, so please feel free to continue to shop, (this is one thing i am doing well & happy with) oh and i just reminded myself.....i must get some scarves to little shop of, i promised them weeks ago.

04 July 2010

i like to sleep

the last few months (incase you noticed i havn't been around much) i have been spending my days sleeping & trying not to vomit - i can now say all is good and i am happily in my second trimester (13 wks) of pregnancy!

I have been keeping up with my sales, all my favorite blogs although havnt managed to comment nor post about my creative spaces or vintage finds as all i can think about is - will this piece of toast stay down or "my goodness did i really just sleep 15 hours straight!"
and it seems in my absence of blogging i have missed a few new blogging add ons and for some reason i cannot load images.............i was saving this post for a while and was going to show you all my first happy snaps of our new baby in utero but the pics will not load (nor any other images) so i shall go and have a snack and have a nana nap
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