26 May 2010

Rassberry Love

NEW rassberry cotton loop scarves in my madeit store
i lurrrrve this new colour! it is like rassberry coolee on vanilla ice-icream

19 May 2010

Curious Oyster Shoppe

WOW what a bust week of sewing & sending my hand-dyed scarves!
i have a new batch of BERRY almost ready to go - its such a nice colour, almost like a rassberry coolee.
my madeit shop has now completely sold out of grape & salmon this week
and i have just sent a little lot of my hand-dyed scarves to this super shoppe.
Y Curious Oyster Shoppe is at 776 High St, Thornbury VIC Y
will have to go back there and meet the lovely
Annaliese in person xo

16 May 2010

an old thrifted treasure

i thought i would share the life of Audrey, my dress makers manniquin. i found her many moons ago in one of those trashy warehouse style bric-a-brac sheds on the way to the Mornington Pennisula. She cost me a fabulous $12 and needed a little love. Originally she was covered in a purple & white cotton fabric, that was stained and torn, so I removed it all and painted her white. Her insides are completely rusted, which actually makes her not very good for dress making. Her standing pole is lop-sided and spins everytime i try to stand her up. She now sits happily on her base with all her nuts & bolts firmly tightened so as not to tip over. She has served me incredibly well over the years and i think i will keep her forever. She is a permanent fixture in my sewing studio and lovingly displays all my creations for me.
Y Bless your rickety-ness and your off beat hips my dearest friend Audrey Y
pop on over to the lovely Sophies for more thrifty love

14 May 2010

cooking green singlets & scarves

during the week i boiled up a nice pot of teal green singlets & cotton scarves. i love hand dying fabrics, you just never know how the colour will end up. the colour i used for this lot was called teal, but it has ended up being more of a sage-y kind of green. the fabrics sometimes (even when cotton) dont always take to the dye which is why it is always a bit of surprise as to what you end up with. i am super happy with this colour, very earthy and not too bold (just like me)

i have made a few scarves and will pop them into my store today, and as for the singlets - i am thinking i might save them for the market, not sure yet. i wanted to get a really nice double sided velvet to thread thruogh the thermal singlet details, i think it will give them a bit more of an edge, soo you'll just have to wait and see what i come up with - doily inspired of course

11 May 2010

made by joel - kids crafty heaven by a dad

'the paper city'
this blog is just far too cool for my childs creative mind. pop on over have a looksy there are sooooooo many fun things to make & do. i love the link list on the side made by you - you'll find even more great kiddi crafts.
i am going to make the pillow dolls tomorrow with nina, you know because every girl needs another doll.

10 May 2010

new cotton loop scarves & market update

i trialled a new design at the market on saturday & they were a hit! so today i have spent it making more loopy scarves and have put some up in my madeit store and i have another batch in the dye pot at the moment.
The market was FABULOUS!!!! such a great turn out, it looks like it is going to be a really good thing, everyone had great sales and lots of fun, i have posted up heaps of photos on the blog. my favorite stall holders were BLOCKAGE & My Little Birdie (who will be opening a madeit store soon) I am very much looking forward to the next one in July. we are able to take another 6 stall holdrers for the july show and possibly another 20 for september as we take over the outside area & dining rooms aswell.
mothers day was fabulous also! i spent it tralling High St in Northcote with just my mum, it was so much fun. my favorite shop was definatley ....ahhh the highway one...oh dear i cant remember what its called now, but any how it was great, mum bought an awsum skirt and i ummed and arghed for too long and then it was closing time. my to-do list is to now go back there armed with a purse full of cash and go nuts!!!!

05 May 2010

market madness

okay..firstly does anyone know much about copyright laws? i have been playing around with a new poster & buttons for our craft market and i really like the blogger template we use for our blog - CAN WE USE THESE IMAGES AS ADVERTISING MATERIAL?
WOW! this market is like a steam train - we have 12 stall holders now so it looks like it is really taking off. i have posted some great interviews about some of our stall holders, good to see such a mix of crafty goodness. And there are still more applications to be approved, but i think we have run out of time - the next one will be absolutely packed if this months apps are anything to go by. And i'm pretty sure we found a musician to play aswell.
PLEASE stop by the blog & our facebook fan page and join in this ride with us:
we need as much recognition as possible.
Y Thanks Jessi aka: MAD STITCHES for posting about the market to your facebook fans you're an absolute sweetie
So.....now the rest of my free days i spend making and creating for this saturday xo

03 May 2010

flea market find

it's not vintage but it does the job! today we found this bright happy ikea clock at our favorite oppy. it matches the colours perfectly with the one i bought in spain many moons ago - i think i now need to do a bit of wall re-arranging and make a bit of a clock montage.
pop on over to sophies for more fabulous finds

out they go

another little lot of wholesale doily brooches on their way to sunny qld. this lot i made with vintage silk sari's, recycled denim & of course dolies!

02 May 2010

new craft market - dramas

how frustrating it is setting up a new craft market!!!!!! the time involved makes me wonder if it is all worth it?
such such such a great idea - to start a new makers / artisan / crafters market in the south east side of melbourne.

anyhow.......my winge is just me being frustrated at the work involved. the hardest part is definately trying to work in harmony with the other makers as we all do our own share of marketing etc.... dont get me wrong i love this new venture, i think i just want it to be great RIGHT NOW! not in 6 months time. i get frustrated that i am not totally in controll - but do i really want to be? i would love to see this thing creating a storm, where people come to the market, have a cuppa, listen to live music etc.... the venue is totally perfect for it. it just needs a bit of GROOOOVE baby!!! at the moment i feel like it is a little more on the nana daggy side. i want to see amazing artists happily tending to their stalls with a buzz of total awe at their craft.

i love that we support the venue & i love the venue and the fact that it is fee free. this market operates a little differently to most, because we (the artists & crafters) run the market ourselves. Instead of paying stall fees, we donate a percentage of our sales to the RSL for hosting us. We are a non-profit group that all share the responsibilities of running this new & exciting venture. but with out profit we are at our own expense to pay for marketing on webs, print etc so WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

so if you havnt heard of it, stop by the blog become a fan of our new facebook fan page aswell. come to the market, be a follower, jump on board this totally new ride with us and enjoy what it is that keeps us all crafting.

or if you have some inspiration for me i'd luurvvvve to hear from you. or if you a marketing guru who just loves to do free branding let me know.

these words are sooo random - my sunday morning dribble i need a coffee! xo

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