21 September 2010

the joys of pregnancy

picture from sindyshops.com

i love this picture! how glamorous is Sindy? if only i felt this way today. some women love to be pregnant, i think i am definately NOT one of these, well i am some days......

Congratulations you are pregnant!!!
 here are some things you (me) may not like about it:

1. every morning begins with a quick dash to the loo to bring up breakfast
2. your wardrobe no  longer fits
3. oh aching breasts
4.oh even more aching nipples
5. itching skin as it starts to S T R E T C H
6. no brain,  cannot hold a decent conversation
7. sciatic pain in butt
8. can't sleep due to large bump in the way
9. kankles appear around 5pm
10. indigestion from water!
11.  waddle like a duck
12.  always hungry but nothing ever tastes good
13. no champagne or sushi
14. constipation
15. fork lift needed to get off the couch
16. ok so i could keep going..............

the count down for me is now at 16 weeks to go & yes i know its a very long way a way and all my  non- joys are only going to get worse. i'm crossing my fingers for a
 " i love pregnancy" list soon.

20 September 2010


oooh how lovely it was to check out this weeks "monday new finds" from madeit. to my surprise i found one of my vintage styled market bags. there are lots of other lovelies to see, especially this one .
you can see all the 'monday new finds" here.

i have quite a few more market bags ready to pop in my shop along with some lovely lovely lovely journel/diary covers, ahhh but my camera has blown a fuse so i must get this sorted out asap

17 September 2010

feeling pretty?

kimono style robe: Plum Pretty Sugar

this makes me feel pretty, how about you? this etsy shoppe is amazing!
do go & have a wander through the amazing clothing & homewares. the blog is just as fabulous & inspiring, i have been on it ALL morning .....

Plum Pretty Sugar on etsy
Plum Pretty Sugar blog

16 September 2010

made it store re-openend

my madeit shop has re-opened with some new lovelies in-store.

made from an eclectic mix of new & vintage fabrics, laces & doilies,  these market bags are perfect for your weekend market shopping days & have a little pocket inside to hold your keys and phone. they are fully lined or reversible. pop into my store and have a looksy, tell me which is your favorite xo

15 September 2010

a market bag or 2, 3....

busy busy busy, my new market bags will be in my madeit shop tomorrow.
made from new & vintage fabrics. 

14 September 2010

calico bag love

i do love a good calico bag. i have put in my vote over at udessi. entries close today at 2pm to win one of the many fabulous designs to be screen printed especially for udessi customers. i think i may just have to add one to my collection even if i dont win
my fave is definately Gretchen Mist's in sea green

12 September 2010

a lazy sunday

yesterday i was woken from my dreary sleep with a msg from mum who was at this market. PACKED she said. it took ages to get a coffee and to wander through the amazing stall holders was at a slow shuffle. So it sounds like this new makers market, about an hrs drive from Daylsford is definately one to keep an eye on. Mum lives only 5mins away, so it would make  a great girly w/e away.

if you havnt had a looksy at their info page, do, its got some fabulous creatives on it. my fave so far, this lazy sunday morning, has been Blue Day Designs very interested in her stencil pics - might put this one in the vault for later when my new baby arrives. (not long now, only 17 weeks to go!!!)

Blue Day Designs

Blue Ginger Designs

(cos maybe one day  pauly might actually wear a tie)

09 September 2010

purses to blush

the last week or so has also seen me being super busy making more doily purses for the lovely Jo from Blush in Corrimal NSW. Jo found me via MadeIt and bought out my store in one swoop! It's always such a good feeling when your creations are loved so dearly. She let me know that over the w/e the most popular purse was the big green sari one . So with that being said, more were ordered and are on their way.

(ok now i'll go enjoy my quiet time)

a week of creatives

ahhh the serentity!
nina has finally gone off to day care after having the dreadful cold for 1.5 weeks, finally she has gotton rid of it & they say the only way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else - ME! so i am now in week 3 of cabin fever, although i have managed inbetween nina's cold & mine to get some crafty swaps done and make a stunning cake! i promised nina on one of our rainy inside days that we would make a cake - pink with lollies was the request! it was yum!

the calico & co crafty swap was sent off during the week and loved much by its recipient- a doily purse from previous post (the white one) and Here Comes The Sun sunny day swap over at Punky&Me. The criteria was to make something that screamed SUNSHINE- i think i covered this pretty well! my swappee is an uber cool chick who sneaks the streets of perth and crotchets onto street placements, so i thought maybe a crotchet bag that could be slung over the shouder would in order. check out Captainplaknit 's stuff here

i've also got some new purses to show you, but i think i might go and sit in the sun while its out & enjoy my few hours  off life xo

06 September 2010

Buninyong Makers Market

i was hoping to go to mums this weekend to just chillax......and also 'cos there is a new makers market happening in mums home town. i did get a heads about this one to join in and i think i just might a lil later down the track .
Its about 15mins out of Ballarat, if anyone doesnt know about it. They  have a blog
go have a looksy & find out a little bit more about it.

short ' n' sweet i'll be back in the next few days with pics of my crafty swaps & swappees, more on my madeit store sell out & some news of a new stockist xo
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