30 September 2009

happy homes for cobbers

i love getting these guys ready to be shipped to their new destination, its funny how they all seem to take on a personality of their own. this lot of happy lil cobber softies are going to WEIRD STUFF in carnegie vic.
wishing you all a happy new home guys xx

28 September 2009

i would love to win...

how sweet, i can definately picture nina and i wearing these sweet lil brooches. i am not a fan of this tidy precise work & i completely admire anyone who has the patience for it.

24 September 2009

remember to breathe

remember to breathe
this is a painting i did many moons ago, it still reminds me to just BE & stop. i am getting a lil over-whelmed with all the creative projects in my head & my hands are having trouble keeping up.

23 September 2009

22 September 2009

purse happy

all in my MadeIt shop & all a tidy lil sum of $8.50

its tuesday & i cant wait..TO POST THIS TO YOU

congratulations LITTLE WALTZ

you are the lucky winner of the gorgous woollen felt flower scarf!

thanks to every one who entered. nina & i had fun this morning putting all your names into our hat. ninas said "whats little watlz" so i showed her little waltz's blog and she said "ohhhh thats beautiful mama"

thanks also to Lou for this fun tuesday game & posting the give away on her blog.

i have had so much fun doing this, so keep an eye out for more freebies! it truly is a nice feeling to know you are going make someone smile

21 September 2009

its ALMOST tuesday & i cant wait.......freebie

nina and i are looking forward to tomorrows fun of writing everyones names on paper and picking the winner out of a hat for this fab scarf!
we will most likely do the deed mid morning, (we are late risers)
so its not too late still be in the running. xx

19 September 2009

mama made that!

it is done! yippeeeee.......now to load up my new MadeIt store with all the handmade + eco friendly kids stuff i have been busy making over the last week. i must also do a 'lil bit of item shuffling around from my Holi Goddess madeit store.
what this also means, is i can now have the 2 completley separate stores which will look a lot better as Holi Goddess products are mainly made from natural fibred fabrics. OOOOoooo..i am very excited to have this all done, i am very much looking forward to adding my wrap skirts & tank tops to my holi goddess shop also. better get moving, there is work t0 be done.
have a great w/e!!!! oh and dont forget to leave a comment on my give away ( a few posts down)

17 September 2009

all wrapped up in vintage paper

i found this divine vintage wrapping paper at my fave op-shop this week. 10 sheets in all & 20cents for the lot! i have wrapped up this weeks MadeIt sales in this gorgous paper, being very careful not to put too many creases in it & no sticky tape, hopefully mycustomers will enjoy it too.
i have saved some for my GIVE AWAY posted below & i am also having a bit of a clearance sale on ebay, with excess stock from the florist.

15 September 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait......

to show you my new labels.
they are an iron transfer style, which means i can iron them onto anything i want! i had them made from the lovely people at SATIMER in geelong. they do all sorts of branding, definately worth checking them out if you need any kind of branding done. i have used them before & am always super impressed with their products. (satimer did all my branding work for Holi Goddess -tshirts etc)
so off i go........ to iron on my new labels to some unbleached calico, which i will then stitch onto my products. very groovy

14 September 2009



every one loves a freebie

i thought it would nice to share my craft & make some-one smile.
how do i give this gorgous woollen felted & vintage fabric flower scarf away?
nina & i will do it the old fashioned way & pull your name out of hat. (she will have lots of fun)
so just leave your name on this posting & that's it. you have until next tuesday 22nd september & the winner will be posted in my ITS TUESDAY & I CANT WAIT..............to post this to you!!!
there were only 3 made, this is the last one left, the other 2 sold at trinity rose florist $90

11 September 2009

weekend deals

necklace from pianobeach

esty are having a free worldwide shipping service this weekend from selected sellers- take advantage!

vintage love in yellow

todays thrifty finds at my fave op shop
a pair of french nana shoes in my size!
& french amber tea set

09 September 2009

make yourself a cuppa & grab the tin of bickies

five hours later ................i have managed to get off this site
enjoy ox
NOTE TO SELF: get a 3rd blog column, keep finding sooooo many amazing things to share & i'm am developing a thing for flashing buttons

07 September 2009

garden party bunting

The Vintage Sew & Sews are getting ready to join the Mornington Market Charity Day on October 25th in a fight against Breast Cancer. The theme for the day is to be pink. I thought maybe some pink flower bunting made from my nanas new vintage sheet set would fit the criteria, for now we might use some in the garden & also available at my made it shop

06 September 2009

birth-day love

happy birth-day to me, happy birth-day to me! i had a wonderful week long celebration! my mum knows me oh so well, the perfect gifts. the handmade in melbourne book i have not put down, i have been busy reading about soooo many fab melbournite craft people, i was very impressed to see POMPEIs boat building in there, i grew up in mordialloc so watching boats being built and come to life on the mordi foreshore has been a constant in my life.
ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and FRIDA KAHLO my obsession with her goes back many years. this cute kitsch little frame now sits above my computer & keeps me constantly inspired. her passion for life is a true inspiration.
& my loving pauly & nina gave me (us) everything we need to complete our vegi garden. yesterday we dug up the new beds & got busy. was lots of fun. today i will do some more gardening as nina & paul spend the day together flying a kite

01 September 2009

eco find

little ray of sun cable knit bag by fashion green t bags on etsy
how fab is this bag! made from an old tank top. i must have one. usually i convert my unwanted tshirts & tops into kids skirts & pants, looks like i have another to-do on my list.

it's tuesday & i cant wait........

its the 1st day of spring! i always try to plant a new seedling on this day, to welcome the new life forces of the season. nina & i have made about 20 of our newspaper eco pots this week & they are ready to put our seedlings in. so today we get our broccoli seedlngs into the eco-pots. it is going to be a messy day, with dirt & compost everywhere & most likely a few broken plants. i am looking forward to it, this will be the 1st vegi garden nina has helped me with from the seed, as we have moved house just recently & built a new vegi garden. it will be a wonderful time watching her, watch our garden grow.
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