30 May 2009

must keep on sewing........

packing boxes is not my favorite thing to do........i still havnt put away my machines because i knew i would still need to keep on sewing. i have boxes piled to the roof, a bunch of t's in a royal blue dye batch soaking away & couldnt help myself to get get a couple of my lil t's onto ebay. i do love a good fad to follow. we love that russian dolls are everywhere & easy to come by. i think my daugthers obsession with them is truly my obsession with them. i cant get enough of the kokka from japan fabric that i use to make these t's with.

my daughter Nina, was the creator of the framed ones. she said she wanted it on the wall like a sticker ............so here they are. so i now look forward to continuing packing up house & rinsing out the t's that are in the dye batch...fun!!! blue hands!!! (nina likes to help)

26 May 2009

she packs

the joys of packing are realizing just how much stuff you accumulate although i imensly love the portrait done in 05 by judy sullivan, my art teacher for 7 years. i bumped into mrs sullivan one day in an op shop, from that i did a 6wk sitting at mentone art group as a life model. i was too modest to bear all so i wore my dance bellydance costume. this painting now just sits with me in my sewing room. at least its not under the bed, which is where judy thought it would end up.

25 May 2009

the way of the blog

ahhh learning the way of the blog... i just lost my 1st enrty. i will be back soon..............

so after fluffing around learning how this works- i have realised i have no idea where to start.

at present i am moving house & going through a crafty transition.........do i paint it, do i sew it, do i sell it, do i do nothing (not likely) do i go ahead with a new registered business name...............we shall see.
in the mean time i will keep fluffing around on my new blog between packing boxes & remember that there is always time to stop and pick a flower or two
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