28 August 2010

purses, purses, purses

some newbies in my madeit store

i have been busy stitching up a frenzy! in total i made 12 zippered purses today. made from recycled denim, vintage doilies, laces & silks. they are all different sizes as i was not  too concerned about them all matching in size, more of a "lets just go with the flow & see what happens" kind of thing.  And its nice to see something a little bit different in my store aswell, although i must update my hand-dyed scarves. They are still available i just have not yet taken new pics to show the new laces i am using. maybe tomorrow whilst pauly & nina are at the footy.
 (yay!  day off family duties)

26 August 2010

creative space

a while ago i purchased this gorgous print "the rabbit & the duck"  from Penny @ Pocket Carnival, for a friend who was expecting a baby boy. I thought this print was (still is) just perfect for a little boys room. For months i searched for the right frame and couldnt find one that would fit it nicely......baby Miles was born and I was under pressure to get this thing framed!  i ending up buying a white box frame and machine stitched the print onto some art canvas, then framed it. I love the texture that the art canvas has and with the stitching it makes it look more of a collage. i am very happy with it!

then a card.....the giraffe was scanned from a piece of  vintage wrapping paper (you may remember i made gift tags using this wrapping paper quite some time ago) then printed onto my fave paper (art canvas) & machine stitched it a ll together.

The gift was perfect for them! The Pocket Carnival  print is now hanging up on
miles' wall and the card is possibly going to be framed aswell. :)

 its a good feeling  when you put something together for someone special and they love it!

pop on over to kootoyoo to more creatives!

13 August 2010

quick! quick! by midnight tonight!

oh silly me!

this is a fabulous little swapsie going on in blogland that i thought i would join as the swap date is for the week of my birthday and it is a birthday swap! so i thought it quite fitting that if i give a gift - i will receive a gift. the only problem is that i made the swap number an uneven one, which means someone will miss out! (thanks to my eagerness and stupidity)

my plee....QUICK! someone join this swap by midnight to night so that one lovely person doesnt get left out!

otherwise i pledge now- that i will send 2 x handmade gifts to make up for my eager stupidity!

12 August 2010

new brooches

i have just added some new brooches in my madeit shop.
these little lovlies are made from an old pair of sass & bide jeans(far too gone to keep or sell), a vintage silk sari skirt and of course my nana's lovely collection of chopped up doilies & lace table cloths. they are pinned to my favorite paper (art canvas) with the blurb  "brooch" from the dictionary printed on & they come delivered to you in rescued pattern paper & lace making them a true re-cycled, up-cycled, re-purposed fabric addition to your wardrobe.

our creative space

this morning we sat in the morning sun and did some colouring in. i finally had a creative space! its been a while and i am happy to say that even though i am not hugely excited about the way my teapot turned out, it may just be the first of many. i did a sketch of a teapot onto some canvas paper whilst nina drew some flowers, i then had the urge to stitch it up with my machine as i dont fancy myself as a drawing person, then i came back to sitting with nina and shared her pencils. she wasn't too impressed that i only used green "have you ever seen a green teapot mama?"

the tulips are just because - mum gave them to me on the weekend, tulips are my absolute favorite and this morning they had opened up!

pop on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces. there are lots to see, so i am going to grab a cuppa and sit down and imerse myself in some lovely creative spaces this afternoon 

08 August 2010

creative brain verses....

image via the cafe mom

creative brain verses  pregnant brain...
and the winner is PREGNANT BRAIN!

i am struggling to find my creativeness! i cant even go op shopping and find a scrap of fabric that makes me get excitied (times are really bad!) i look at my machines and my boxes of thread and they just look so ho hum sitting there waiting to be used. i sit and read my endless supply of design & fashion mags..and i dont get excited about the thought of new shoes! (oh dear) i read everyones blog posts about their creativeness and fun exciting ventures and just think "how nice"

where oh where has my little brain gone?

oh i do hope my creativness returns.....i feel quite useless without it. maybe i need a change of  outlet? i have thought about digging my easle out of the garage. for a while i was collecting masses of used canvas' from the opshops so there is no shortage there......or i could work a little harder at work and start jewellery designing again. the bonus with this one is that all stones and findings are supplied, i can work from home &  just make stuff and put it in the shop, there is no photography, no tweets, no blog posts  just good old fashioned face to face retail.

mmm......so will my sewing studio become a painting  or a jewellery studio?

i leave  my thoughts  with the wind....and i shall let them float about for a few more weeks....and then i shall get my shit together and stop feeling so sorry for myself.
(i hope!)

07 August 2010

circus fun

last night we went to the circus! it was cold, muddy, dark and soooo much FUN! the circus its self was a little old (i think they had been performing the same old routines for 20 yrs) but the popcorn was fabulous as were the hot jam donuts & fairy floss.
we had lots of giggles!!! nina thought is was just the absolute best! (even though the only animal was a shetland pony about 70yrs old)

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