21 October 2010

a creative painting space

an unfinished canvas & a big mess of metho, brushes, oil paints.
 i love that there is no straight lines, no hems to iron or zips to place. a creative mess in progress - i spend a little bit of time every other day playing around with the metho & washing back the previous colour, messy but fun :)

for more creative peeps pop on over to here

20 October 2010

the handmade show - market day

i forgot to take my camera last saturday so i grabbed these pics from the THS facebook page. it was a great day, although very exhausting. this will be my last market at THS this year as i now take some time to clean up my lil house and get organised for baby no'2, because as soon as it is xmas i will have a baby the following week so i really must get  my big pregnant butt into gear before the weeks pass me by.
will i pack away the machines? we'll see.

18 October 2010

Vital Temptation

i love a scarf.....on  these wintery again days i think these are a vital must have.
amazing wearable fiber artworks.......they make me feel warm & cosy just looking at them :)
Vital Temptation on etsy.

14 October 2010

freedom with wings

'free as a bird'

today i purchased this print from the lovely sweet william. i was doing some blog catching up this morning after some sad news (more in a moment) and i just had to have this picture. i have always loved paula mills' art works & now i can say that i am a proud owner of one.

free as a bird

on a sad day or is it a day of freedom? i was given news that my father has passed away. i did not know him very well, although i had visited him in germany & he to australia over the last 10 years. we shared many letters with never much in common as our languages were always a boundry and living in different countries our lives were completly different. for years he had suffered illness  but always managed to stay on top of it. testicular cancer & brain tumors finally got the better of him as he slipped into a coma and died peacfully in his sleep a few days later. one  strange thing was that i was going to be on a plane to visit him just last week, the day that i was to arrive & didnt, he fell into the coma..... when there  is no more hope & nothing to wait or live for, do we let go?

so this art print- free as a bird- is ever so fitting as he now has wings and is free from the hell that held him for so many years.

my dearest leo, you are now free.......so fly xo

05 October 2010

garage sale?

pic from here

do these still exist? i am thinking of doing one. with baby no'2 getting closer i have realised how much crap i have collected over the years. as a renter for the last 7 years (currently living in rented house no' 4)my worst habit would definatley be buying or thrifting new furniture to fit into its new space - i now have a garage FULL of the stuff. and clothes- mountains, shoes-tonnes, craft & habby - bin loads, kids stuff -truck loads the list goes on. i sold my unwanted  'label' clothes  on ebay, but the time spent on photos, questions, posting & packing, ebay fees, just didnt seem to add up.

S  P  A  C  E
i need more of it in my little white weather board cottage to make daily living seem a lot less caotic. the worst thing about my sordid hoarding habit is that i have noticed nina now has a similar problem. she finds value in everything -egg cartons, toilets rolls -they make good tress, fabric scaps - make good dolls blankets etc i do admire her crafty arty little soul, but enough is enough.


or is it called clutter?

i am also thinking of packing up my sewing room  (until i feel a little more organised)this would also mean that instead of baby no'2 (due on 8th jan) sleeping in the hallway it could actually have a room to itself, now wouldnt that be nice?

03 October 2010

more inky art love

some more whimsical inky art love from esty.

i am really getting itchy paint fingers, maybe it is time to pack up the machines, fabric & habby to explore other creative outlets.

Yellena James' work is a must see,  go and have a flick through her links.

02 October 2010


Floating Matilda by Jessica Doyle

Urchin by Jessica Doyle

Hope by Jessica Doyle

some saturday morning art love.
i have had Jessica Dolyes etsy site stored in the back of mind for ages. i think i first came across her  from another blog or maybe i was just trawlling etsy. anyhow...i love the first pic especially now that i am pregnant, it now reminds me of mother & child living and growing together. i love the inky, floatyness of all her works, its very underwater like (hence, the sea urchin) but i think it is the caos of the ink that gets my fingers in a knot and want to start drawing or painting again(my sewing machine & i are at odds with each other lately)

 go and have a looksy around her store or her web for some whimsical, inky, inspiration.
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