25 June 2009

word play

hot cuppa & 3 strawberry chololate freddo frogs later.................brainstorming. off to mums for a lovley w/e getaway in Buninyong to unwind, or as i was hoping. i have been given the oppertunity to re-merchandise a local shop http://mysticturtle.com.au & do a whole new shop front. VERY EXCITING!!!
pack for family.
must buy new sketch book
black felt tip pen
wheat pack (see below)

24 June 2009

something in the air

fabric used in these is an old sari, that just keeps on going.....

i dont know whats going on.........but i have been crafting MADLY. in the past 24hrs i have made
20 vintage sari bird cards, 6 russian doll kids tops, 3 organic hot wheat packs (YUM!!! toasty toes) 28 kids hand dyed neck wraps, joined TWITTER, taken a batch of stuff upto a shop
TRINITY ROSE, 240 NEAPEAN HWY EDITHVALE 3196, jumped on the trampolie with nina,
loaded up photos and got them onto this blog!

organic wheat toasty heat packs (i saved one for myself)

i love making these kids neck scarfy wraps. made from 100% cotton cheese cloth, hand dyed, cut, tagged & twisted. kids & mums love 'em as they dont get tangled or strangled. you just loop 'em over your neck FABULOUS!!! (all these are at the trinity rose florist shop in edithvale)

22 June 2009

thanks mum for helping me move house! xx
i have almost finished setting up my new studio,
as i work everything seems to find its own place & i finally found nana's jar of buttons!

21 June 2009

one down, 10 to go

today we got another batch of t's made. lucky nina!, she always gets the ones that are a lil scew-if

03 June 2009

light up my life & fill my home with love

today i bought this groovy fabric to make a lamp shade for my new lamp......
managed to get this fab eames era orange ceramic & oak timber lamp for next to nicks on ebay.
i wait at my post office with anticipation.........................

i have a new project waiting in the works for me, one which i have not yet attempted. i have never covered a lamp shade before - cant be that hard, just have to find the right shade.

01 June 2009

the washing machine will never get the better of me!

my new (now old) fave pure new wool jumper shrank in the wash. oh well.........it is now a fab pair of kidi pants i made out of the sleeves & the main part i turned into a funky lil skirt for nina. i love this new idea, it means i have an even bigger reason to go opshopping & recycle some even more fab fashions. (i op shop alot)

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