31 March 2010

T is for terrific

the letter t, i made from a vintage table cloth for a friends birthday, i hope he likes it! if not i think i am quite happy to keep it for myself.
i heart vintage scrap journel cover, i made from new & used fabrics. i quite like this piece too

i heart tote bag, this started it's life as a pillow case, then i saw it had more use as as a tote bag in the same style as the journel cover.

as a creative person - i dont always like what i make, or i find it hard to photograph, or it just goes into the too hard pile, but the last 2 days of making & creating i seem to have been on a good thing. i really like what i have made this week. i feel like i have now found a style that suits me. (mum what do you think?)

29 March 2010

N is for nice

yesterday was a very productive day. the sewing angels gave me wings. i sewed ALL day. i have been wanting to make letter cushions for ages now & finally yesterday i found the patience. i love the way this letter n turned out. made from beautiful "paisley power" by ro gregg (a great bargain on ebay a while ago) & some vintage sheeting. And in case you were wondering what ever happened to my poster print - well here it framed up in my $2 oppy frame and sits with my vintage suitcases. i also did a letter t for a friends bday, but i have to get some more hobby fill (these pillows use heaps).
i also came a cross a beautiful blog dottie angel
which then inspired me to do some random fabric art bags & journel covers. photos to come, as i was sewing until midnight I JUST COULDNT STOP i love days like that.

28 March 2010

EASTER recipe sharing...choc self-saucing pudding

this is one of my fave chocolate recipes in the world. I thought being easter it would be nice to share a heavenly self saucing chocolate pudding with you. My mum has been making this for us for as long as i can remember, it's always a request when she makes us a family dinner. How perfect it is now that the nights are getting darker & colder, this pudding just fills your belly with hot chololate love.

does anybody else have a favorite chocolate recipe to share for easter?

chocolate self-saucing pudding

you will need:

2tbls butter

1/2 cup milk

1 cup self raising flour

3/4 cup white sugar

2 1/2 tbls cocoa

3/4 cup brown sugar

2 cup hot water

1tsp vanilla


melt butter & add to milk mix in s/r flour, white sugar, 2tbls cocoa & vanilla. mix really well to form a thick mixture.

grease a large dish & pour in the mixture, sprinkle with rest of cocoa & brown sugar. pour hot water over the back of spoon. bake in high oven (180') for about 40 mins. you can smell it when its ready or stick a knife in the center. serve with cream & or ice-cream

you could even pop them into lil individual ramikins or sreve with a rasberry sauce.

Y so so yummy & easy Y

25 March 2010

my creative space

today i worked at the Mystic Turtle but this week i have been busy cutting wrap skirts. I love this pattern, as it was probably my best selling item when i had my shop. (go back about 100 posts to find out more about Holi Goddess or just google it and see what pops up)
ANYhow ..the best part about my wrap pattern is that they are a free size, can be adapted to winter or summer fabrics & look pretty damn good on just about everyone. So i have pooled my fabric stash together, mostly wools & vintage sheeting, to get a great lil story happening. I am also thinking about hand dying some cheesecloth scarves to match. So...time permitting, hopefully these babies will be up on madeit in a couple of weeks, or if i stretch my time a lil bit more maybe even open my etsy store. xxjade
pop on over to kirsty's for heaps more creativness

24 March 2010

my new addition

this is my new baby! her name is Stella, she is 8 1/2 weeks old and driving me crazy!!!!! no really she is adorable, she's just a pup finding her place in our home. after my Ruby died a few months ago, paul & i decided to get a new puppy for nina's birthday. we searched long and hard to find the right new family member & this lil love popped up just as we needed her. she is a 3 part staffy & 1 part rotty, so our fingers are crosssed that only a tid of the rotti comes through.
i forgot how hard pups are - they cry, howl, chew........as long as we keep all the main doors closed she is pretty good and understands the words no & get out! nina is obsessed by her- she is the mum and i am THE GRANDMA she told me (still coming to terms with that) i'll let her have it , if it makes her feel important.

21 March 2010

Marley & Lockyer

i almost dont want to share this give-away to ensure i have a better chance of winning, but how could i not tell you about how wonderful Marley & Lockyer is, to do not one but 3 items from her etsy store. i have asked for -if i win- 2 x fraser seed co cushion covers and the sweetest lil mini tree clay tags.

20 March 2010

market day

was great to see everyone again at the the handmade show. i am looking forward to the next one in may as there will be lots of other new crafters to meet aswell. i had a great day -experimenting with new stock. but still my timber necklaces seem to be a winner. and i even sold some stuff from my studio clean out basket. there is still LOTS if kinks that need to be ironed out for the next market (show)mmm..) but all in good time, we have a lot of really keen ladies to get this thing up & running smoothly. now to unpack that car........or a glass of wine?(please do excuse my camera pics)

19 March 2010

Market Tomorrow

how did this come around sooooooooo quick? i have a zillion things to organise & i was hoping to get lots of it done today whilst nina was at kinder this afternoon........but i am on kinder duty to day (i could wag it)
i must get more necklaces made, finish notebook covers, make denim & lace cuffs, buy zippers & pillow inserts, make the pillows! & remember to go to bed.
I thought it would be a good time to off load a heap of fabric & habby, so i will also have at my table fabric & habby from $1.
x jade

14 March 2010

pop on over to the handmade shows blog to read a lil interview about me & my crafts. (must admit it was a bit weird posting an interview about myself) THS will be posting on all our stall holders so make sure you are a follower of the blog. there is also a couple of stalls left for march 20th market, you can apply thorugh the blog.
just a quikie today, i have sooooooo much to do this week, next time i will introduce you all to my new baby, Stella. xxx
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