29 January 2010

keep calm & carry on

i have had my eye on these posters for a while. (i think i first saw it in allison from larks house? photos) anyway.......i am now patiently waiting for the postman. this one fits perfectly in an old timber frame i picked up last week at my favorite oppy for $2. There are alot of different colour prints in this ww11 queenie quote, it was very hard to choose, so after a weeks fluffy around on etsy i decided to go for lemongass, hoping that it is more a green than a yellow. i have a whole new studio planned and this is going to be one of the many wall pieces. so it may arrive on monday or in some etsy cases not for another 3 months. x
20 mins later: i was just blog lovin and hopped onto decor8 to find a enrty on madebygirl who has these prints in her collection. i am so in love with her love poster Y now to find more frames

23 January 2010

sneaky peak

here is a lil sneak at what i have been upto. i am having lotsa fun working with vintage doily's & lace, linen, stamping, vintage buttons, thrifted fabrics. my plan is to get my etsy shop up & running by the end of jan which is where you will be able to find these fun pieces. oh and also at my madeit store and the oakleigh market. so in the meantime i think i might have a bit of sale on madeit to clear out and make way for the new.
There is also 1 more space left in my pay it forward.........who wants it?

22 January 2010

thrifted happiness & loss of a friend

villeroy & boch fine china cake stand
i am a complete opshop fanatic, i have 3-4 favorite haunts i like to visit on a rotating basis & they never stop giving. This was a fabulous find (although i would have liked it in geen) made from china with sterling silver flower column & comes apart for easy clean. i love the little posies, maybe i can use it at my next market (in march)
the mice are away today (paul & nina) so today i might keep at my new projects (i will share soon i promise) and then go and collect some goodies from my po box, do an opy run & get something yummi from my fave bakery WHICH has stopped making my favorite donuts by the way. NOT HAPPY!!!! i have survived off these little choci circles of love for almost 25yrs & one day they just decide to stop making them! For my 21st bday i ordered 250 and piled them into a pyramid, they got me through my pregnancy, nurtured every pmt i have ever had, made road trips with me, breakfasts on the run.........you name it they have been there with me. So you see... i am quite upset as i must now find a new vice, yes i am (was) a donut snob! but nothing has ever compared & i dont think ever will. farewell old friends :((

17 January 2010

handmade show success!

our first market SUCCESS!!! my sweet bird garden necklaces sold out in the first hour!
and what a great venue, i did go hmmm about oakleigh, maybe because i've never really had much to do with it, but the RSL was just divine. in its original state, no pokies, just a great old school feeling. it had nana toilets (when you see them you will understand) aircon, beer garden, rsl bar next door (yay for the boys) a kitchen that served great food and most important great coffee.
we sat down at the end of the day to discuss our options and what we would all like to get out of it, being part of a newly formed market there are many things to take into account. but the fact that we have control over how it is to be run is just great (yes! i am a control freak) so we all agreed to opening up 5 more stall sites and take on board our own little tasks. the next market is to in march, i will keep you posted about it and tell you more as we create more. oh and tell the boys its a great day out to be had, ladies go to the market and enjoy handmade loveliness, boys go to the other side of the 2way bar and watch the cricket next door in the beer garden, while the kids play in the playground. VENUE SORTED! IT IS SUPURB!!! caters for the whole family!
i will post more about my fellow new market makers soon. i am a little bit full of sunday love right now. i spent the day at somers, drinking champagne and eating gorgous foods (homemade beetroot & peeled tomato salad, orange & white choc cheesecake) mmmmmmmm.......snooze time x

15 January 2010

pay it forward

Here is a fun little blog game to play & share the handmade love - this is how it all works:

Y I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 people who comment on this post.

Y I have 365 days to do it in…

Y What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise!

The catch is that you must participate as well:
Y you must have a blog and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going.

Just cut and paste this one from my page if you like, which I did! Can't wait to see what my lil handmade gift will be and when it will arrive from

Kylie @ a little red dress

13 January 2010

cant believe i missed this one!

there was a market at one of my local halls!!!!

and i had NO IDEA, so their web says lots of advertising......................i didnt see or hear a peep about it until Penny from Pocket Carnival mentioned it on her blog. Although i was at her site to see what she was upto and scrolled down to find that there was a vintage / makers market in Mordialloc MY STOMPING GROUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeek The next one at the same venue is as above. I wonder how the Ladies Market went?

11 January 2010

survival instincts

wow what a stinking hot day! our little weather board home does not have the delightful luxury of air con, although we are but 100 steps to the most beautiful beach, paul nina and i decided we would spend the day shopping. so a long awaited trip to ikea was planned. i quickly grabbed my catalogue and started tabbing down pages of all the wish list things i have wanted to buy for ages. i am very proud of my pauly for even allowing the thought to pass through his sporting head. A day out shopping with his girls! who would have thought? lucky me!

nina drove us crazy whilst we wandered through the arrowed maze of sweedish design so paul eventually said he would take her to the play house and leave me alone to fill up my big yellow ikea bag with non essentials. he came back not long after (to see what it was going to cost him no doubt :) he he) and said he had traded her in for a beeper! very cool! the buzzer soon went off and it was time to pick up our delightful, rassberry lemonade filled 3yr old. by this time (20mins)we had managed to grab a chopping board, roasting rack, tea towels, knife & storage containers!

homeward bound to a nice cold beer and a quick squirt of the hose (i know...... but its fun & the vegi garden needed a drink) now to organise left overs for dinner & a quick dip at the beach. Anyway the thought just occured as a drip of sweat rolls down my neck as to why i am even sitting in this little hot box writting about my day.......................i had a good one that's why xxxx

wishing all those families who are spending their day preparing & acting on extreme weather conditions lots of blessings & love. xx

10 January 2010


this is a fab site, i have been perusing the magificent pics & inspitation for about 3 days now.......i first saw it in the latest insideout mag (one of my fave reads) i've tried to get off this site BUT I JUST CANT!

08 January 2010

100% thrifted

the recipe:
2 pair thrifted jeans, 1 thrifted jacuard table cloth, 1 vintage lace table cloth, 1 vintage sheet and a bunch of thrifted zippers. there are a couple on madeit, this lot can now be found at a sweet lil boutique named EVE in Pambula.

new dress for nina. this weeks sewing will be making a few more dresses from this gorgous vintage sheeting. hopefully i will have enough made for the get together next saturday.

06 January 2010

Go Brown Owls of S.E burbs

The HandMade Show
and here it is! the first ever of what we are hoping will become a South Eastern Hub of lovely craftiness.

Come and join in...... buy, browse or just chat with other crafties.

03 January 2010

loved it - bought it

i am one of those dis -organised people who will scribble a note or doodle on anything! i have a collection of papers beside my laptop about 30cm high, containing ? important stuff most likely. i did a bit of a madeit perusing this arvo and came across this fabulous wordly notebook holder. i do have a diary (moondiary.com.au check them out they are awsum, i have not missed a year since they began printing) all my important dates are pretty organised but it's the inspiration i seem to keep losing track of. So.............Marita from Loopy Designs in Tassie! i am sending you thanks for what will be an organised year of doodles, notes & inspiartions.

02 January 2010

sew much to do

lots of sewing to do this week. i had an order come in from libby (destination unknown, i'll post it when i know the shop name)
plus i just remembered that Celeste from little waltz has organised a new crafty market in Oakleigh to be held 16th Jan WHOOOOOAAAAA i better get a move on, i havnt been sewing much lately just lots of fun times enjoying the festive season. i feel and look like i have eaten santa. detox in need of i think. this is a bit of a rant, i am going cross eyed from sewing and i am in desperate need of a hot cuppa (and a cookie) x
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