30 May 2009

must keep on sewing........

packing boxes is not my favorite thing to do........i still havnt put away my machines because i knew i would still need to keep on sewing. i have boxes piled to the roof, a bunch of t's in a royal blue dye batch soaking away & couldnt help myself to get get a couple of my lil t's onto ebay. i do love a good fad to follow. we love that russian dolls are everywhere & easy to come by. i think my daugthers obsession with them is truly my obsession with them. i cant get enough of the kokka from japan fabric that i use to make these t's with.

my daughter Nina, was the creator of the framed ones. she said she wanted it on the wall like a sticker ............so here they are. so i now look forward to continuing packing up house & rinsing out the t's that are in the dye batch...fun!!! blue hands!!! (nina likes to help)

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