24 June 2009

something in the air

fabric used in these is an old sari, that just keeps on going.....

i dont know whats going on.........but i have been crafting MADLY. in the past 24hrs i have made
20 vintage sari bird cards, 6 russian doll kids tops, 3 organic hot wheat packs (YUM!!! toasty toes) 28 kids hand dyed neck wraps, joined TWITTER, taken a batch of stuff upto a shop
TRINITY ROSE, 240 NEAPEAN HWY EDITHVALE 3196, jumped on the trampolie with nina,
loaded up photos and got them onto this blog!

organic wheat toasty heat packs (i saved one for myself)

i love making these kids neck scarfy wraps. made from 100% cotton cheese cloth, hand dyed, cut, tagged & twisted. kids & mums love 'em as they dont get tangled or strangled. you just loop 'em over your neck FABULOUS!!! (all these are at the trinity rose florist shop in edithvale)


  1. i wish i could craft as much as that!

    We were one of the first customers at Trinity Rose!! Did you know the lady already?? or have you been pro-active in getting your stuff in her shop?

  2. hmm or am i thinking of a different shop? it is a coffee shop and has all tarot readings etc?!

  3. no thats amber moon, (stressed, freaked out owner huh?) trinity rose is the florist a few doors up, next to the chemist. the owner eva used to have her shop next to my old shop HOLI GODDESS in mentone. still got heaps to get into her shop, its great cos its all on consignment NO RENT!!! she wants me to fill her shop with kids clothing FAB!!! means i can start getting rid of some fabric.


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