08 July 2009

made it onto made it

i have made it onto made it! i managed to get one item up today, more will follow hopefully tonight. ny space is busting at the seams with kids skirts, t's, bags, cards, aprons, neckwraps & more. you can go to the link in the coloumn to go directly to my store with NEW HEADER LOGO or the link above will take you to the home page........great if you have never seen this site before.
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  1. i would love to know how often items get bought from made it as opposed to etsy... i really would!! HMMM

    we should do a catch up next week with Kate and Kai too!

  2. i seriously have my doubts abouts made it .the site just doesnt seem to have all that blig goin on........its kind of old school or something i cant put my finger on it. i've been toying with the idea for ages to get stuff up on it, then saw yours & thought i should get my act together. we should have a cuppa shout.......first to sell gets shouted a hot chocy...have you been to the organic cafe in aspendale yet????

  3. http://www.madeit.com.au/catalog.asp?catid=28

    check this link jade... it features both our items! cool huh?

  4. the gluten free / organic one? not yet!

    any good?

  5. http://www.talkmadeit.com.au/showthread.php?p=4871#post4871

    check this


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