23 November 2009

lark loveliness

what a wonderful weekend! lots of cuppas & cakes, good homemade food, shopping & lots of laughter. Its always nice to go to mums up at Buninyong (15mins from Ballarat) if you have read the THAW mag, it is pretty much based on Ballarat designers, definately worth a look. I love that there is a real kind of underground artisan group up there. If only there was something similar down the S/E burbs! there is nothin!! we have to travel to the other side of town or get on-line and see what all the latest sewing crazes are or head to Mornington. Maybe that's just me being lazy, I want it all on my doorstep, maybe I should move?

Anyway...i made it to Lark and was very happy to be inside what i have only seen on-line. the shop is just as the all the pics show. Have you noticed that Allison from Lark is in just about every magazine you pick up these days? who ever is doing Larks PR is doing an amazing job!! Nina and i purchased this little mirror & a rainbow pencil. The crafts and japanese trinkets were just divine, and the collection of Belle & Boo prints were just gorgous! We spent a while browsing through all the crafty creations but with little money to spend ( i had spent it all on coffee, cake & books at the second hand book store/cafe on the dayelsford lake)

Another favorite shop that i visited this weekend was The Upolstery Gallery in Ballarat. It was great to see so many of my fave designers bits 'n' pieces in a shop. At the moment i am in love with oversized totes, large lampshapes & cushions.

now to get busy with all the w/e washing & finish some orders & begin my week. i have lots of new things coming to my madeit store this week as i managed to pick up some divine fabrics this w/e and lots of inspiration.


  1. Oh i definitely agree. I would love something for the S/E burbs too! So much so that i've been starting to think about starting up a little crafting circle on this side of town.. mm.

  2. Someone mentioned this group to me a while ago, Jade. May be worth checking out...Sxxx
    Craft Queens:


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