15 December 2009

flower power

i have had this bolt of printed 80's calico sitting in my cupboard for ages! Mum once covered a siting chair with it, for some reason she bought heaps, maybe she was going to cover a lounge suite. Anyway she gave it to me knowing i would chop it up and do something with it one day. Well the day came and i have made 2 whopping big shopper totes! i think i can make 100 more or maybe some zip purses & clutches. If you know me, you know that i have an obsession with big bags, so this one will suit just perfectly for all my xmas market shopping or a day at the beach. The other i have listed on madeit. If you have an idea of wha telse i can make let me know.


  1. oooh Ms Goddess... I would love to do a swap with you...enough for cutain or blind for my wee kitchen window? Swap you a softie 'praps?

  2. it's gorgeous, i feel like i can smell the roses! beautiful fabric : )


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