13 December 2009

it's a vegi feast

this week we have eaten masses of beans, baby zuccini & baby carrots all home grown from our vegi garden. The first week of spring nina & i planted our vegi garden & we have watched it grow, loved it & cared for all those lil seeds for what seems to be ages. Finally we can enjoy the fruits of our seed planting labour. Our carrots are very small, they are super sweet & best eaten straight from the garden. As for zuccini, well.... nina and i dont like it much but paul does & its been fun to watch it grow.
The beans have been awsum - our favorite recipe for beans is: blanch them quickly then cook them with roughly chopped tomatoes, onion, basil S+P. YUM!!!
Soon our mixed seed salad leaves will be ready, which i cant wait for as our baby spinach got devoured & has now gone to seed. There is also a cucumber plant -we think? Our tomatoes are still growing tall with no flowers, although we do get cherry tomatoes (bean recipe) and tonnes of parsley, basil, thyme, chives, corriander & oregano.
I am hoping we can use lots of our home grown goodness on xmas day but we need to do some snail stomping if we want our xmas lunch to be plentiful.

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  1. yum, they look awesome and you dont get fresher!
    we'll be there can we look forward to garlic snails to start? : )


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