11 December 2010

nurturing my soul

nurturing my soul.....online that is
it's been quite a while my dear blog since i last posted!

the count down is on with 27 days to go to my due date. my dearest lil bambino will soon arrive and i have soooo much to do! my studio/nursery room is in an absolute shambles......i started the transformation about 2 weeks ago and i have left it in a bigger mess than what it started out.

i have been busy with custom orders the last few months but i am sorry to say that i have now packed away my fabrics and machines and will not be sewing for a little wee while.

i have been distracted by my new online obsession PINTEREST it's like creating your own magazine. for years i have cut and pasted my lil lovey lust pictures and inspirations into journels NOW it's all in one place. here are a few of my fave pics, go and have a look at my pins if you dare......i guarantee if you have an insatiable lust for pretty photos, craft, interior design etc you too will become addicted (all photo links will take you to my curated boards, from there you will be able to view the source) click on the BOARDS to see each collection of my favorite pics.

much love xo j

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  1. Hi Jade,

    Thinking of you with things getting so close for you. Take care of yourself these next few weeks!
    Best wishes,


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