20 December 2010

xmas spirit

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i am not really feeling the xmas spirit right now. i am hoping today will be a day of no  braxton hicks, the last 3 days have seen me hanging on to benches and door openings to brace myself only to have false labour starts after a few hours. there are things to be done before baby no'2  arrives and i am truly hoping i can get through to the new year without dropping this load.

i have done most of my xmas shopping, there are still plenty of things to do. my xmas decorations are a half hearted attempt (but nina still thinks they are wonderful) i managed to make some xmas bunting from my nanas doilys, tea towels & aprons, nina made a wreath out of ? stuff but i would love the one pictured.

so hopefully today i can finish my shopping and xmas decorations without any interuptions from no'2. 

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