06 October 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait.....

for it to stop raining so nina and i can go attend to our vegi garden. hopefully next week i will be able to show you how our seedlings & seeds are growing.
in the meantime nina & i have been cutting & pasting lots & lots of vintage wrapping paper (yes i trust my 3 yr old with scissors) and making sweet lil' gift tags. what i realy should be doing is making a mountain of cobber dolls, hair accessories, russian doll t's & bunting for VINTAGE SEW 'N' SEWS upcoming Mornington Market. we are meeting on wednesday at the local pub (the bridge in mordi) for some cake & a glass of bubbles to discuss set up etc...................
today we were hoping to make apple crumble & truffle balls........but after seeing the choc cupcake on ButtonsByLouLou blog i think we might make some of them instead


  1. gee I can imagine a lot of work getting done over cake and drinks! lol Our seeds are going really well too! we have beans, basil, radish and marigolds so far.
    love the tags

  2. looking forward to seeing your garden growing.
    we are good with scissors aswell..well, they have to learn some way don't they.
    hope you enjoyed your yummy cupcakes.

  3. Very cute little tags. We need to start over with our vegie patch. Moved in to a new house and hard to tell where the weeds end and the vegies begin. Found some nice little cos lettuce last week. Look forward to seeing what you cooked today. Lou.


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