09 October 2009

paddington bear

i feel loved by the universe.

last nights MadeIt email, made me super happy (see previous post) & today on my way to kinder drop off i said to myself "i must find another little old suitcase for our market stall " so after kinder pick up nina & i did our usual run to the post office to post the weeks online sales, go to our favorite bakery & get 2 choc donuts for me & a shortbread happyface for nina & then to our favorite op-shop.

SO todays thrifty find found me almost jumping up & down in excitement. an old cardboard style blue suitcase, complete with Paddington Bear stickers, rusty hinges (that work), few water makrs, the beautiful smell of vintage & lots of love

thank you universe!


  1. ooohhh very jealous it's so cute. luv paddington. sounds like you and nina had a lovely day. must catch up feel like i havent seen anyone for ages. moving almost done, feel like i've been ran over by a steamroller. have a good one lee xo

  2. What a score! I love those op shop finds, and what a lovely way to start the day.

  3. I love those days when the universe puts just what you need right in your way! I find it happens so much more often in op shops as well.


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