08 October 2009

wednesday handmade wonderfuls

how wonderful to be selected again as a Wednesday Handmade Wonderfuls seller. if you got the MadeIt email you will have seen me right up the top!!!
it hasnt been posted on the site yet (oooo.. i hope they dont change their mind)
the process of making these fab lil tags is (was) quite time consuming as the paper is very delicate & could not be just any old cut & paste job (hence the price) i had an absolute blast making them & super happy to see them be selected for MadeIt.
yay for me! it made my day


  1. congratulations!!! they are lovely. you've been such a busy bee : ) speak soon hopefully lee xo

  2. Well done Jade. They are lovely, enjoy your moment of fame!

  3. Wow, they look great. Good on you Jade, I like your blog and you have an excellent blog list too. Think I'll visit here often!


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