18 February 2010

my creative space

and this is just one of 4 corners. and i sometimes wonder why my creativeness just isnt there! but hey, like my profile says, if i cant see the floor -i'm happy that way i know i have been productive. On an upside i am very blessed to have my own sewing room & its all mine so who cares how messy it is. It is full of all my treasures, like my painting of Frida Kahlo (yet to be mounted), my nanas cookie jar, buttons etc, 2 of my machines, baskets of cotton spools, oppy finds, made things, and not so finished made things, boxes & baskets, vintage saris...etc so........maybe next week i'll show you all another corner, or if i can be bothered i might even tidy it up. x
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  1. I really love your creative space! So pretty. I love cluttered spaces - it means you're productive ... and a real person!

  2. Ooh I agree! I do love to have a tidy work room but as soon as the decks are clear I immediately cover them again, usually with more projects than is realistic, but its so much fun.

  3. Gosh we are so alike it's spooky! Love your mess it seems so familiar and comfortable.


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