11 February 2010

nina's creative space

i can feel cabin fever setting in!!!
so our day went like this:
  • we walked & rode our oh so pink, spoky doky, tassly, girly bike to the milk bar for an icypole
  • i did a load of washing only to have it dumped on by a huge thunder/rain storm
  • did the dishes
  • cheese n bickys for lunch
  • had a great cup of coffee x2
  • made 8 necklaces
  • made nina a shirred flower dress with collecting pockets (you know for feathers, pebbles, sand etc)
so while i was doing all this i kind of lost track of what nina was upto, she would wander in and out of my sewing room to collect cotton & buttons and stickers etc.......... she was decorating the tv! how fabulous! so the tv is wrapped in cotton & shirring thread, stickers & my favorite has to be the lavender pies she made out cupcake patties. but the best bit of all is that she pulled those glary tassel things off her bike, yes they have made a mess but at the least the bike isnt so princessy anymore.
and so now the car.............there is no car til next week GOD HELP ME!!!!!


  1. lol!!! : ) she's got her mama's creative spirit, nature & recycling passion : )
    glad to hear the bike isn't as princessy anymore! ; )

  2. The tv is so pretty now!

  3. Jade if you need a break we would love a playdate! we could meet at the park or beach or something? love Ninas typical kid response to a pic!

  4. I think she's done a fabulous job.


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