14 February 2010

strawberries & valentines

we spent the day picking strawberries! soooooooooo much fun! they are the tastiest little buggers i have ever had! nina was a little bit worried about the plastic bags we had to put on our feet, but they kept our soles clean as the ground was very muddy. the store was great, they sell straberries in all thier glory. the best would have to be the mega strawbs, they are the size of kiwi friuts! amazing. we had strawberry icecream THE BEST! great day out, it was $8 per person (nina was free) you get given an empty mega punnet and then go down to the fields to fill it. So now..............we will gorge ourselves on strawberries for the next few days. i dont know how to make jam but i thought mabe a puree for milkshakes & ontop of icecream might be nice.
what else can be done with them?


  1. what a fabulous day!! are there some for the birthday cake? : ) xo

  2. nice!
    I would have thought the plastic bags were a little strange too.
    i like your pics...is someone hooked on picnik :)

  3. the baby girl is so so so cute i love to see her innocent face thanks for sharing this with us..


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