20 September 2010


oooh how lovely it was to check out this weeks "monday new finds" from madeit. to my surprise i found one of my vintage styled market bags. there are lots of other lovelies to see, especially this one .
you can see all the 'monday new finds" here.

i have quite a few more market bags ready to pop in my shop along with some lovely lovely lovely journel/diary covers, ahhh but my camera has blown a fuse so i must get this sorted out asap


  1. Nice one Jade - what a cheery start to the week. I hope all is going well with your pregnancy and you're not feeling too tired. Cheers, Jodie x

  2. Your market bags are delish! So nice to have you arrive in my inbox from Madeit - go you!! :)

  3. I saw your gorgeous market bag in the newsletter. Well done.....hooray! They are very beautiful. x


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