09 September 2010

a week of creatives

ahhh the serentity!
nina has finally gone off to day care after having the dreadful cold for 1.5 weeks, finally she has gotton rid of it & they say the only way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else - ME! so i am now in week 3 of cabin fever, although i have managed inbetween nina's cold & mine to get some crafty swaps done and make a stunning cake! i promised nina on one of our rainy inside days that we would make a cake - pink with lollies was the request! it was yum!

the calico & co crafty swap was sent off during the week and loved much by its recipient- a doily purse from previous post (the white one) and Here Comes The Sun sunny day swap over at Punky&Me. The criteria was to make something that screamed SUNSHINE- i think i covered this pretty well! my swappee is an uber cool chick who sneaks the streets of perth and crotchets onto street placements, so i thought maybe a crotchet bag that could be slung over the shouder would in order. check out Captainplaknit 's stuff here

i've also got some new purses to show you, but i think i might go and sit in the sun while its out & enjoy my few hours  off life xo

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