21 September 2010

the joys of pregnancy

picture from sindyshops.com

i love this picture! how glamorous is Sindy? if only i felt this way today. some women love to be pregnant, i think i am definately NOT one of these, well i am some days......

Congratulations you are pregnant!!!
 here are some things you (me) may not like about it:

1. every morning begins with a quick dash to the loo to bring up breakfast
2. your wardrobe no  longer fits
3. oh aching breasts
4.oh even more aching nipples
5. itching skin as it starts to S T R E T C H
6. no brain,  cannot hold a decent conversation
7. sciatic pain in butt
8. can't sleep due to large bump in the way
9. kankles appear around 5pm
10. indigestion from water!
11.  waddle like a duck
12.  always hungry but nothing ever tastes good
13. no champagne or sushi
14. constipation
15. fork lift needed to get off the couch
16. ok so i could keep going..............

the count down for me is now at 16 weeks to go & yes i know its a very long way a way and all my  non- joys are only going to get worse. i'm crossing my fingers for a
 " i love pregnancy" list soon.


  1. Oh Jade! Let me just say....

    1. I am over this bit now, thank goodness....
    2. Yep, its trackies round the house, a couple of pairs of maternity pants for outings and maternity shirts from KMart in every colour!
    3. Strangely enough, not yet...
    4. See 3
    5. Scratch, scratch - so annoying....
    7. Yep got that one
    8. I think I might try sleeping sitting up!
    9. I don't think I have these yet...
    10. Heartburn from soda water....
    11. Probably doing this too.
    12. Agree...
    13. I am missing the sushi too...
    14. Pear juice is my best friend.
    15. I am not game to sit!
    16. I don't think I should get started...

    12 weeks to go for me. Pregnancy second time round - not so rosey as the first.

    Hang in there! I am thinking of you!

  2. I hear you babe! I agree with Tamara too about the second time around being no bed of roses - for some reason I was under the impression it WOULD be easier... I was gravely mistaken.

  3. Seen this Miss Jade?

    Check it out!



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