14 October 2010

freedom with wings

'free as a bird'

today i purchased this print from the lovely sweet william. i was doing some blog catching up this morning after some sad news (more in a moment) and i just had to have this picture. i have always loved paula mills' art works & now i can say that i am a proud owner of one.

free as a bird

on a sad day or is it a day of freedom? i was given news that my father has passed away. i did not know him very well, although i had visited him in germany & he to australia over the last 10 years. we shared many letters with never much in common as our languages were always a boundry and living in different countries our lives were completly different. for years he had suffered illness  but always managed to stay on top of it. testicular cancer & brain tumors finally got the better of him as he slipped into a coma and died peacfully in his sleep a few days later. one  strange thing was that i was going to be on a plane to visit him just last week, the day that i was to arrive & didnt, he fell into the coma..... when there  is no more hope & nothing to wait or live for, do we let go?

so this art print- free as a bird- is ever so fitting as he now has wings and is free from the hell that held him for so many years.

my dearest leo, you are now free.......so fly xo


  1. Beautiful post Jade. For what its worth I believe that hope can prolong life. I am sure hope also eases suffering.

  2. The print is such an awesome reflection of how you are feeling, I agree with Jodie, such a beautiful post xxx


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