05 October 2010

garage sale?

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do these still exist? i am thinking of doing one. with baby no'2 getting closer i have realised how much crap i have collected over the years. as a renter for the last 7 years (currently living in rented house no' 4)my worst habit would definatley be buying or thrifting new furniture to fit into its new space - i now have a garage FULL of the stuff. and clothes- mountains, shoes-tonnes, craft & habby - bin loads, kids stuff -truck loads the list goes on. i sold my unwanted  'label' clothes  on ebay, but the time spent on photos, questions, posting & packing, ebay fees, just didnt seem to add up.

S  P  A  C  E
i need more of it in my little white weather board cottage to make daily living seem a lot less caotic. the worst thing about my sordid hoarding habit is that i have noticed nina now has a similar problem. she finds value in everything -egg cartons, toilets rolls -they make good tress, fabric scaps - make good dolls blankets etc i do admire her crafty arty little soul, but enough is enough.


or is it called clutter?

i am also thinking of packing up my sewing room  (until i feel a little more organised)this would also mean that instead of baby no'2 (due on 8th jan) sleeping in the hallway it could actually have a room to itself, now wouldnt that be nice?


  1. Sounds like a plan Jade. I'm a terrible hoarder too. Must be the creative soul. :)


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