02 October 2010


Floating Matilda by Jessica Doyle

Urchin by Jessica Doyle

Hope by Jessica Doyle

some saturday morning art love.
i have had Jessica Dolyes etsy site stored in the back of mind for ages. i think i first came across her  from another blog or maybe i was just trawlling etsy. anyhow...i love the first pic especially now that i am pregnant, it now reminds me of mother & child living and growing together. i love the inky, floatyness of all her works, its very underwater like (hence, the sea urchin) but i think it is the caos of the ink that gets my fingers in a knot and want to start drawing or painting again(my sewing machine & i are at odds with each other lately)

 go and have a looksy around her store or her web for some whimsical, inky, inspiration.

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