22 September 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait..TO POST THIS TO YOU

congratulations LITTLE WALTZ

you are the lucky winner of the gorgous woollen felt flower scarf!

thanks to every one who entered. nina & i had fun this morning putting all your names into our hat. ninas said "whats little watlz" so i showed her little waltz's blog and she said "ohhhh thats beautiful mama"

thanks also to Lou for this fun tuesday game & posting the give away on her blog.

i have had so much fun doing this, so keep an eye out for more freebies! it truly is a nice feeling to know you are going make someone smile



    *does huge huge huge dance of joy*

    I cannot tell you how amazingly happy I am. I love love love scarfs, this has been an amazing start to the day! omg yay!

    p/s: please excuse the craziness of this comment while I go dance out my joy in the kitchen.

  2. very cool!!!! i think she's happy x

  3. congratulations! I love the pic of Nina in her pj's and her hair done perfectly :) so sweet xo


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