15 September 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait......

to show you my new labels.
they are an iron transfer style, which means i can iron them onto anything i want! i had them made from the lovely people at SATIMER in geelong. they do all sorts of branding, definately worth checking them out if you need any kind of branding done. i have used them before & am always super impressed with their products. (satimer did all my branding work for Holi Goddess -tshirts etc)
so off i go........ to iron on my new labels to some unbleached calico, which i will then stitch onto my products. very groovy


  1. Jade, they look amazing! I just realised my last comment did not work when I said that Tuesday for a play was fine.....I also wrote about the Savers Sale yesterday...anyway let me know when you and N are free for a play xo Bron


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