01 September 2009

it's tuesday & i cant wait........

its the 1st day of spring! i always try to plant a new seedling on this day, to welcome the new life forces of the season. nina & i have made about 20 of our newspaper eco pots this week & they are ready to put our seedlings in. so today we get our broccoli seedlngs into the eco-pots. it is going to be a messy day, with dirt & compost everywhere & most likely a few broken plants. i am looking forward to it, this will be the 1st vegi garden nina has helped me with from the seed, as we have moved house just recently & built a new vegi garden. it will be a wonderful time watching her, watch our garden grow.


  1. beautiful work Jade and Nina. YOu have inspired me to do our garden this weekend!

  2. What a lovely way to welcome Spring.

  3. she would have loved it. she has her mamas love for nature and nuturing. enjoy all the rewards. xo


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