19 September 2009

mama made that!

it is done! yippeeeee.......now to load up my new MadeIt store with all the handmade + eco friendly kids stuff i have been busy making over the last week. i must also do a 'lil bit of item shuffling around from my Holi Goddess madeit store.
what this also means, is i can now have the 2 completley separate stores which will look a lot better as Holi Goddess products are mainly made from natural fibred fabrics. OOOOoooo..i am very excited to have this all done, i am very much looking forward to adding my wrap skirts & tank tops to my holi goddess shop also. better get moving, there is work t0 be done.
have a great w/e!!!! oh and dont forget to leave a comment on my give away ( a few posts down)


  1. yay! well done jade it looks fantastic love the hair bands sooo cute. it all looks great xo

  2. Off to check it out now!! :) good luck with it!!!


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