21 April 2010

a Holly Hobbie delight

today i went to an op-shop i havnt been to before! and what a great old fashioned oppy it is! run by the local church this little beauty has an amazing assortment of clothing, kitchenware, kids stuff, pretty much everything in the good old fashioned price of cents. what a find this Holly Hobbie puzzle was! i think the affection we (girls my age) have for her goes back to our own childhoods. i remember having a doona cover. i took it home to nina and explained to her that this is MY puzzle but you can play with it if you are very careful. she is still sitting quietly putting it all to gether for me. oh...and it cost 60 Cents! the box is a little moth eaten, but there are no rips or tears, the pieces are clean and un-bent. i love the saying at the top -
i will let you know if all the pieces are there, i hope so - thought it would look great framed and hung in ninas room.
the op-shop is on Mcleod rd in carrum if you are interested, just next door to aldi 10am - 3.30pm


  1. oooohhhh very very jealous! : )

  2. mordi has a cool holly hobbie plate for sale at the moment, but with a $20 asking price, i left it for someone else to buy!

  3. Wow that is great! I love that op shop! Pep has a holly hobbie doona cover I found but it is not as vintage as your puzzle.
    Nina is looking so grown up these days too :)


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