03 April 2010

my creative space

a late creative space.........i have been in bed for the last 2 days with the flu (ok, a really bad cold) hence the late post. so on thursday my creative space was at work (mystic turtle) where i spent the day playing around with gaspiete beads, and made a beautiful necklace. i love this crystal, it is an australian stone used by the aboriginals to connect back with their ancestors & the land. the colour is just amazing dont you think? i ummed and ahhed for a while about owning it, but i thought maybe it would be better in the jewellery case to be admired (hopefully) for a while.
i hope everyone is having a restful easter break, its a good time to catch up on all the creatives over here @ kootoyoo
okay, so now looking at my pic, obviously my cold had already set in. can you see what ive done? silly me ! oh well will fix it on tuesday.


  1. love the necklace but hate the " S word"
    an offensive term comparing someone to a disabled person suffering from cerebal palsy (who used to be called spastics but this word is now considered politically incorrect due to people using as an insult). Not a good word!


  2. so so sorry, i did not mean to cause any offence to anyone. x

  3. Jade, I ummed and arghhhed for ages....but could not let it go it breaks my heart when I hear that word :( please feel free to delete my comment.


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