19 April 2010

Vintage Garden Party Garland

i have just had a bit of a tidy up in my studio and i found this! My nana's vintage sheeting i made into garden party garlands!!! any how..i have listed it on madeit - go have a looksy :) while i keep cleaning, i may even find another one.


  1. awesome photo!
    beautiful garland and those suitcases are gorgeous!
    (may have to invite nina for a sleep over, however she may return minus her luggage ; ) xo

  2. How gorgeous. Finding stuff like that is like winning the lotto! And you didn't even have to leave home. : )

  3. i made about 10 of these bunting / garlands about 6 months ago, i thought i had sold them all. i had it packed away in safe place, i found one more so there are 2 left in total. xo

  4. love your photo Jade!
    love the bunting i won aswell, it hangs beautifully in the kids bedroom.


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