03 April 2010

just because

(laughing as stella licks her toes)
today i made nina a new dress for a birthday party on monday. i think it's going to need a wash before then, she just had to wear it & play outside. i also made another cushion, the letter k. this one we will give to kai for his 1st birthday on monday. NONA - remember this fabric? i think you wanted me to make a quilt?!?
oh and a little bit of picniking around with a cammomile t, some strepsils & a box of tissues.


  1. awww, your just because is gorgeous Jade!
    enjoy your day tomorrow

  2. i love the top photo! how did you get that effect?

  3. was done with picnik.com. i think it might have been - effects 1960's with adjusted %. hope that makes sense. i love it too.

  4. Lovely photos of your little Nina. And loving the letter cushions you have been making. I do love cushions! xo


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