14 May 2010

cooking green singlets & scarves

during the week i boiled up a nice pot of teal green singlets & cotton scarves. i love hand dying fabrics, you just never know how the colour will end up. the colour i used for this lot was called teal, but it has ended up being more of a sage-y kind of green. the fabrics sometimes (even when cotton) dont always take to the dye which is why it is always a bit of surprise as to what you end up with. i am super happy with this colour, very earthy and not too bold (just like me)

i have made a few scarves and will pop them into my store today, and as for the singlets - i am thinking i might save them for the market, not sure yet. i wanted to get a really nice double sided velvet to thread thruogh the thermal singlet details, i think it will give them a bit more of an edge, soo you'll just have to wait and see what i come up with - doily inspired of course


  1. These are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the singlets too!

  2. I am LOVING your scarves. Gorgeous! Lou.


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