16 May 2010

an old thrifted treasure

i thought i would share the life of Audrey, my dress makers manniquin. i found her many moons ago in one of those trashy warehouse style bric-a-brac sheds on the way to the Mornington Pennisula. She cost me a fabulous $12 and needed a little love. Originally she was covered in a purple & white cotton fabric, that was stained and torn, so I removed it all and painted her white. Her insides are completely rusted, which actually makes her not very good for dress making. Her standing pole is lop-sided and spins everytime i try to stand her up. She now sits happily on her base with all her nuts & bolts firmly tightened so as not to tip over. She has served me incredibly well over the years and i think i will keep her forever. She is a permanent fixture in my sewing studio and lovingly displays all my creations for me.
Y Bless your rickety-ness and your off beat hips my dearest friend Audrey Y
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  1. i love not just audrey but that beautiful scarf...

  2. She is adorable and I am sure she is good company too!

  3. She must have great character!

  4. audrey is so nice the scarf is lovely too


  5. Oh I need an Audrey in my life. Yours looks gorgeous and full of character.

  6. she is gorgeous i wish i had one of her in my life! : ) and what a score at $12 dollars they are so expensive and she offers so much more personality than a new one! xo

  7. your sweet little Audrey is very special indeed..she's definitely no wall flower :) x

  8. WOw....
    Im always in the search for a lovely mannequin of my own:)
    Audrey is just fabulous!

    Raia @ toiledelight

  9. She is lovely - I have one of my own that wass given to me by my Granmother in Law. Her name is Bethal (after her previous owner)


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