02 May 2010

new craft market - dramas

how frustrating it is setting up a new craft market!!!!!! the time involved makes me wonder if it is all worth it?
such such such a great idea - to start a new makers / artisan / crafters market in the south east side of melbourne.

anyhow.......my winge is just me being frustrated at the work involved. the hardest part is definately trying to work in harmony with the other makers as we all do our own share of marketing etc.... dont get me wrong i love this new venture, i think i just want it to be great RIGHT NOW! not in 6 months time. i get frustrated that i am not totally in controll - but do i really want to be? i would love to see this thing creating a storm, where people come to the market, have a cuppa, listen to live music etc.... the venue is totally perfect for it. it just needs a bit of GROOOOVE baby!!! at the moment i feel like it is a little more on the nana daggy side. i want to see amazing artists happily tending to their stalls with a buzz of total awe at their craft.

i love that we support the venue & i love the venue and the fact that it is fee free. this market operates a little differently to most, because we (the artists & crafters) run the market ourselves. Instead of paying stall fees, we donate a percentage of our sales to the RSL for hosting us. We are a non-profit group that all share the responsibilities of running this new & exciting venture. but with out profit we are at our own expense to pay for marketing on webs, print etc so WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

so if you havnt heard of it, stop by the blog become a fan of our new facebook fan page aswell. come to the market, be a follower, jump on board this totally new ride with us and enjoy what it is that keeps us all crafting.

or if you have some inspiration for me i'd luurvvvve to hear from you. or if you a marketing guru who just loves to do free branding let me know.

these words are sooo random - my sunday morning dribble i need a coffee! xo

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