06 July 2010

pregnant brain

my brain is mush and i have no idea what i have done to my blog.......and today i really cant be bothered sorting it out. What i should be doing is sorting out my shrinking wardrobe. Everything is getting far too tight.....i could ebay my wardrobe away or i am thinking of doing one of those ladies markets, i have mountains of handbags, shoes, jewellery, clothing i could get rid of. Has anyone ever done one of these markets, i would love to know if they are worth doing?
So for now, i live happily in my yoga pants (not that i feel like doing yoga at the moment) and my daggy compfy jumpers, i am such a pretty sight right now, my skin is ever so dry, pimple break outs, no make up, although my hair & nails are growing at an amazing rate.
So please do excuse the mess whilst i try to recover my brain, accept my body changes and the state of my blog (still cant load photos?)
My made it shop is up to scratch and running smoothly with some new items added, so please feel free to continue to shop, (this is one thing i am doing well & happy with) oh and i just reminded myself.....i must get some scarves to little shop of, i promised them weeks ago.


  1. I haven't - but a few friends of mine have done Camberwell markets to sell their clothes etc. I have thought about it too - if you hear of any good ones, let me know as I am due a clean out too!

  2. oh wow! CONGRATULATIONS pregnant brain!!

    I think your blog looks awesome! :)

    so how many weeks? when can we expect a mini nina?

  3. Hooray Jade, that is very exciting news indeed! Huge congratulations to you and your family. I adore your loopy scarves, they are gorgeous. Let me know if you'd like to do some sort of swap when you feel better. X

  4. Anonymous08 July, 2010

    congratulations to you all on the pregnancy. Enjoy this special baggy pants time. Jenny must be excited.
    cheers from Debbie (Rob & Sue's sister)


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