13 July 2010

madeit finds in Green

1. baby elf pixie hat by baboom  2.honey pot soy candle by WickedEarth
3.botany quilt by Eden Rose  4.green fox by Pepper Stitches
5.lavender birdy by Oopsidaisi  6.forest nymph hat by Art & Wool

madeit's monthly email was delivered this morning with a bit of a challenge......to blog about finds we love. So i thought that seeing as i woke feeling a little green (up all night with surging baby making hormones) these lovely baby related finds suit quite well to how i am feeling today. i have had my eye on Eden Roses baby quilts for the last couple of weeks and marked this one down as a favorite  to purchase in the upcoming months (i love green)

1 comment:

  1. i love that 'elf' hat and quilt! loving the colour selection. green is such a beautiful calming colour. and perfect with white! : ) xo


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