16 July 2010

studio clean out

i have had a busy busy week getting organised for tomorrows market. i have had a big studio and clean out and came across (well tripped over) a massive box of old fabrics i have had sitting in a box for a year or 2. So i have packaged it all up into little parcels ready for the taking, free taking that is. mostly it is from the days of when i was costume designing, so there is a lot of satin, panne velvets, indian silks & saris and a few odds and ends.

tomorrows market is The Handmade Show @ 95-97 Drummond street Oakleigh at the Oakleigh / Carnegie Rsl  11am - 3.30pm . pop on over to the blog to see who's there tomorrow and to find out a little bit more about this great new artisan / crafter's market

see you tomorrow!

Ooo....just found out that Sammy Nutall Art & Found & Bound will be there


  1. i'm so disappointed i wont be there tomorrow. have a fabulous day hope its a fabulous success. cant wait to hear all about it! make sure you snaffle a comfy chair and another to put your feet up on!! : ) xox

  2. Can't wait to hear how your market goes! Looking forward to a market wrap-up post.....I would love to see your little set up. xo


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