12 August 2010

our creative space

this morning we sat in the morning sun and did some colouring in. i finally had a creative space! its been a while and i am happy to say that even though i am not hugely excited about the way my teapot turned out, it may just be the first of many. i did a sketch of a teapot onto some canvas paper whilst nina drew some flowers, i then had the urge to stitch it up with my machine as i dont fancy myself as a drawing person, then i came back to sitting with nina and shared her pencils. she wasn't too impressed that i only used green "have you ever seen a green teapot mama?"

the tulips are just because - mum gave them to me on the weekend, tulips are my absolute favorite and this morning they had opened up!

pop on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces. there are lots to see, so i am going to grab a cuppa and sit down and imerse myself in some lovely creative spaces this afternoon 


  1. lol @ the lack of enthusiasm for your colouring in... you obviously just don't know how to do it right... ;) It put me in mind of green tea, immediately!

  2. that pic is cute! loving the green tea-pot and my absolute favourite flower is the tulip so glad you posted a pic of that too ;-)

  3. just having a quick browse of your latest posts and miss poppet has seen this picture, pointed and said 'nina'! i'm stoked!! hope youre well and you've got your inspiration back which is awesome to see love the new brooches and that teapot is gorgeous. please help find mine! : ) (inspiration that is) big hugs lee xox


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