08 August 2010

creative brain verses....

image via the cafe mom

creative brain verses  pregnant brain...
and the winner is PREGNANT BRAIN!

i am struggling to find my creativeness! i cant even go op shopping and find a scrap of fabric that makes me get excitied (times are really bad!) i look at my machines and my boxes of thread and they just look so ho hum sitting there waiting to be used. i sit and read my endless supply of design & fashion mags..and i dont get excited about the thought of new shoes! (oh dear) i read everyones blog posts about their creativeness and fun exciting ventures and just think "how nice"

where oh where has my little brain gone?

oh i do hope my creativness returns.....i feel quite useless without it. maybe i need a change of  outlet? i have thought about digging my easle out of the garage. for a while i was collecting masses of used canvas' from the opshops so there is no shortage there......or i could work a little harder at work and start jewellery designing again. the bonus with this one is that all stones and findings are supplied, i can work from home &  just make stuff and put it in the shop, there is no photography, no tweets, no blog posts  just good old fashioned face to face retail.

mmm......so will my sewing studio become a painting  or a jewellery studio?

i leave  my thoughts  with the wind....and i shall let them float about for a few more weeks....and then i shall get my shit together and stop feeling so sorry for myself.
(i hope!)


  1. just go with it Jade!!! I have tried to force creativeness so many times and it never works. it will come back when its ready!!! in the meantime, relax, and keep blog reading! :o)

    best of luck with your pregnancy! keep us posted on how you're going!

    ~ Samone

  2. Dearest Jade,
    right now your body, mind and soul are rather busy with the ultimate form of creativity... growing a healthy, happy, blessed bub! Be kind to yourself, take the pressure off, read that book that you've never yet got around to, and when you least expect it the outwardly creative part of you will re-emerge.


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