28 August 2010

purses, purses, purses

some newbies in my madeit store

i have been busy stitching up a frenzy! in total i made 12 zippered purses today. made from recycled denim, vintage doilies, laces & silks. they are all different sizes as i was not  too concerned about them all matching in size, more of a "lets just go with the flow & see what happens" kind of thing.  And its nice to see something a little bit different in my store aswell, although i must update my hand-dyed scarves. They are still available i just have not yet taken new pics to show the new laces i am using. maybe tomorrow whilst pauly & nina are at the footy.
 (yay!  day off family duties)


  1. ooohhh i love love love them. 2nd ones my fave but they're all gorgeous! you busy little bee! : ) xox

  2. I love these.....you know I'm a sucker for anything with a doily on it! Hope you're well. x

  3. I love the top green one! beautiful! hope you, Nina and bubs are all well! x

  4. Ooh, they're all gorgeous Jade :)


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